Illinois’ Outbound Migration Ranked #1 Among States

Study Shows Increased Migration to Western States

One of the nation’s most well-known moving companies, United Van Lines, has been tracking moving statistics for over 40 years.

Their 2017 National Movers Study ranks Illinois #1 behind New Jersey and New York.

Top 2017 inbound states are Vermont, Oregon and Idaho.

View the study results here.



Illinois’ Outbound Migration Ranked #1 Among States — 14 Comments

  1. We’re #1 !
    See a DEMOCRAT, thank a DEMOCRAT.
    It’s hard work destroying a state.

  2. I we were not in the hole on the price of our house, We too would be leaving. This is how they will keep some of us. If we can not sell our homes we are stuck without defaulting. I for one made a promise to the mortgage company that I intend to keep. UNTIL it just becomes too much. Then and only then will it be “time to walk away”. I want to honor and keep the promise I made. I wish the governor had kept his. and I REALLY wish the schools would OPEN THEIR EYES to what it is they are causing to all of us under the “Its for the kids” promise!!!

  3. Finally! The moving truck my compassionate conservative loser friends so desperately needed with our McHenry County pied piper leading the way. Are cats allowed in the trucks? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Samtruth, your “promise to the mortgage company” as you, comes in two parts.
    Part 1 of your “promise” is the promissory note – that you are borrowing money and agree to pay according to the terms set forth.
    Part 2 is the mortgage – stating that you pledge your house/real estate as collateral and in the event that you do not pay according to the terms, you agree to forfeit it.

    You are doing NOTHING wrong by walking away! Banks do it all the time!
    And the bigger the bank, the bigger the defaults!
    A few years back, during the intentionally engineered real estate collapse, Goldman walked away from a 50 million dollar mortgage on a housing complex in New York City.
    They stated publicly that it “no longer fit their business plan”..

    Banks are the ones that created these instruments, these mortgages these contracts, and these terms. You are doing nothing wrong by playing within the rules that they set forth. I would also add that you are a fool if you do not use the rules to your advantage just as they do.

  5. All that may be true, but, walking away from a mortgage is very
    likely to do some real damage to his credit rating thereby
    affecting his ability to secure any future loans.

  6. Affecting his ability to get future loans for about 2 to 3 years. And then he’lll be right back in the game like everybody else.

  7. And if he’s upside down 100 or $200,000 now… He’ll be that much further ahead in two to three years from now. Not to mention the interest that would have been paid on that 100 or $200,000 over the remaining 10 15 or 20 years on the life of the mortgage that he currently holds.

    Work the numbers if they’re in your favor go with them. That’s why they call it “strategic default”!

    And remember who created the concept and all the rules. The banks!

  8. So many other things to consider in that scenario.
    Age, ability to earn income, family, previous existing debt, medical coverage,
    the list goes on and on.
    The last thing you don’t need is creditors coming after you in court and
    perhaps seizing any assets (financial or otherwise) that you still may have and need.

    It is indeed a difficult and life changing decision for the whole family,
    especially when you life in a fecal crater of a state like Illinois.

  9. Just make sure that enough people stay so that Angel gets his full retirement amount from his partially funded pension.

  10. Startling to see om their graph, Illinois being an exit State every year since 1979.

    If one of those people had just said something than, I could have saved 40 years of grief.

  11. A long as our sunshine blogger sticks around here, I’m not going anywhere. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  12. If your pension fund is 40 percent funded perhaps you should only receive 40 percent of your pension when you retire. We can also throw in another 10 percent for good will.
    How about that, Angel, that will help the state, the young teachers just starting out. It will also help fix the pension problem.

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