West Chicago Teachers Threatening to Strike

Teachers demanding 17% salary increase over 4 years.

Base salaries between $48,433 and $99,638 have contributed to skyrocke

Teachers carrying picket signs on Haligus Road during the last strike in the Huntley School District.

ting costs.

West Chicago CHSD 94 spent $18,736 per student in 2016, according to the Illinois State Board of Education; an increase of 53% over the past two decades.

Only 16% of last year’s graduating seniors were deemed “college ready.”

The full article by DuPage Policy Journal listing additional pay and benefits can be found here.


West Chicago Teachers Threatening to Strike — 18 Comments

  1. This is our heroic sunshine pied piper blogger in action tossing some more raw meat to his circus animals. Super Bowl Sunday was no impediment to carry on his mission for transparency, accountability and fairness. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the nonstop spewing of derogatory comments toward public educators and public employees in general. Oh, but don’t you dare to visit the real sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Teaching illegals to speak English is getting very expensive. Let the teachers all quit. Hire new just out of college teachers who are still looking for a job, at half the salary. These teachers just spew their bullshit liberals views to our kids anyway. We have a whole generation of liberal , triggered, safe space, climate change, transgender, socialist , wussified ,lazy, fucktards.
    Build the wall, make it tall, deport them all. Including DACA illegals and Angel.

  3. Oh please tell us arl what’s the answer to our dear states misfortune What’ s the IEA solution? Waiting waiting. ………..

  4. Sociology lessons from our compassionate conservative, sunshine commenters are more entertaining than any Super Bowl halftime show. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. only solution: property tax rate cap like California, Massachusetts, and Indiana.

    property tax rate cap of 2% of total home fair market value can hardly be protested by Chicago, as they have elected to issue debt rather than raise residential tax rates for school funding.

    (BTW, Cali and Indiana have 1% cap, Mass has a 2.5% cap)

  6. First start by deporting ALL illegal aliens who are
    using OUR taxpayer funded resources.
    Build the wall,
    Build it tall,
    Deport them ALL – MAGA !

  7. Teachers are making too much now for the short hours they work every year. 158, 155 and 200 are way overpaid.

  8. Interesting: State average for pupils per administrator is 189.6 while this District has an average of 89.2.

    The State Average for pupils per certified staff is 11.2 while this District has an average of 10.8.

    The State Average for Pupil – Teacher Secondary is 19.4 while this District has an average of 22.1.

    PERCENT OF STUDENTS MET ACT BENCHMARK Percent of Students met ACT Benchmark Percent in all 4 subjects was 16.4 while the State Average was 28.2.

    Conclusion: Go on strike to get higher pay for teachers that can’t teach.

  9. I am surprised that there is any money is left for working folks after cal got his COLA. 3% at his piggy feeder is a lot of green. cal is the biggest hypocrite in Illinois.

  10. Salary increases for all government employees should be the same percent amount, if any, that senior citizens receive in their yearly Social Security payments.

  11. Look at the upside.

    If teachers bankrupt and destroy what’s left of West Chicago, we all win.

  12. NO, we all end up paying the constitutionally guaranteed multimillion dollar present value retirement entitlements of west Chicago public employees, while insiders pick up title to busted out real estate at pennies on the dollar.

  13. Take the money that Springfield gives Chicago and stop giving them funds! Since the State can’t go bankrupt but Chicago can! They will have to reorganize under the States remodeling of funding to them. You are going to have to cut the head off to save the rest! Stop funding to Chicago and give it to the rest of the State!

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