Employee Christmas Present Fleece Jackets from County Clerk Mary McClellan That Former Auditor Pam Palmer Refused to Pay with Tax Dollars

Pam Palmer

Mary McClellan

In January of 2017, McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan presented County Auditor Pam Palmer with bills for fleece jackets.

Palmer refused to pay them.

The bills, totaling $663.20 from Marengo’s Hyperstitch, Inc., are below:
Here’s is Palmer’s explanation of what happened:

Here are the rules upon which Palmer based her decision:


Employee Christmas Present Fleece Jackets from County Clerk Mary McClellan That Former Auditor Pam Palmer Refused to Pay with Tax Dollars — 24 Comments

  1. Question: Was Palmer forced out by mister double chin?

    Observation: Since the Auditor left, payments have not yet been posted for Dec. 2017 and only the monthly reports for 2017 are posted – no summary as in other years.

    I also notice that the current Clerk lists the following on her Facebook page:
    ” States Attorney and County Board at McHenry County Government
    Former Attorney at Law at Querrey & Harrow, Ltd.
    Studied Litigation, Labor and Employment, Civil Righs at John Marshall Law School
    Went to Luther North High School
    Lives in McHenry, Illinois
    From Arlington Heights, Illinois

    Manages Friends to Elect Mary McClellan”

  2. So a guestion may be is why a HR position at the cpunty and head of McGOP Sandra Salgato get a clothing allowance of almost $1000 each year?

  3. The Nob:
    Probably because Nygren started that tradition.

    At least Salgado does not get an allowance for designer bags!

  4. All of the people who work EMA and Leslie Schermerhorn gets jackets with the logo. Looks like Pam Palmer plays favorites.

  5. So Prim, the hero of this blog, can’t break a bad tradition?
    Prim realigned the Sheriff admin, was that position even part of admin when Keith was the man?
    Since this blog doesn’t even talk much about Sheriff dept spending, are you so sure Sandra doesn’t have her own county paid for tot?
    Disingenuous a tad?

  6. Pam will be missed. This may not have been much money but without an internal auditor to stop these types of things it can really start to add up! If EMA and Leslie Schermerhorn all gets county paid jackets there will be an easy trail of proof. all expenditures are FOIAable. @She cant pull it off…show the proof like this one certainly did. Hear say is only that without the proof to back it.

  7. Very poor judgement in ordering unnecessary clothing for employees at taxpayer expense. How can this person aspire to be judge with poor judgement?

  8. We never got to the bottom of whether MM paid her parade entry fees out of county coffers.

  9. It’s the taxpayers that got fleeced, courtesy of Mary McCrook!

  10. Surely there can be no problem identifying McClellan as she moves about the county. This being a semi-rural area for the most part, we’ve all see a hog belly up to the trough!

    Hopefully, Mary will soon learn (come primary day) that “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered!”

    Pam? Are you sure that candy she purchased “for the county fair” actually was used there? Or did it find its way to the streets of Algonquin?

  11. So, McClellan had the opportunity to try to over-ride Palmer’s rejection of the bill but apparently she CHOSE not to.

    Instead I am told Mary McClellan fired (terminated) Pam Palmer’s sister who was working in the Clerk’s office.

    Now she wants to be elected as a Judge?

    No wonder her and mr. ‘double-chin’ are tight!

  12. Yet another problem with Illinois, is that there are a million Mary McClellan’s for every one Pam Palmer.

  13. @DJ agree 100%!! With all the good people that are in Government it is overshadowed by the likes of Mary McClellan, Jack Franks, Skala, Gottemoller, Jung, Aavang, Christensen, McCann, Bates, Wilbeck, Nowak, Smith, Reinert, Kopsell, Spoerl, and throw in most of the Mayors of this County as well! McHenry County is only going backwards with these people in office! Wonder if there will be any surprises coming up through the elections?

  14. Cal is McHenry County’s own “Jerome Corsi” constantly digging and exposing evil in this county. From the comments, it seems that people do not understand what to do with this information. He is leading the charge in this war. Wake up! This IS a real war. Drain the swamp!

  15. According to Face Book page she works for our States Attorney’s Office? Poor judgement on the new State’s Atty.
    Someone should file a FOIA for EMA and Leslie S.
    Pam will be sorely missed and any talk of eliminating the Auditor’s Office will certainly be met with VOTERS
    disapproval. For the office has evolved with strict compliance with County Policy with regard to taxpayer spending, and adhering to the State Statutes.

  16. MM must have failed her classes at John Marshall in Labor and employment and civil rights to have fired Pam Palmer’s sister in wake of Pam refusing to pay for the jackets.

  17. Cal skinner is fill of half truths that all of you seem to accept as gospel. Shame shame shame that you hang on every missed opportunity to do the right thing and instead go down the rat hole he presents to you.

  18. Stop buying candy and campaign swag with tax payer money period! In fact I wish these governmental offices didn’t do expos either! They’re expensive and unnecessary!

  19. There is a saying around the County Building, “Mary is Scary”. It is because she bullies her employees, will say anything to get her way and has shown she has no scruples or morals. Firing a long-time employee to get back at Pam Palmer is just one of many nasty things that MM has done. She is not worthy of any elected position, much less, to have the fate of peoples lives in her hands as a judge. Yep, she truly is SCARY MARY!

  20. Stand4Truth is that you, McClusterfnck? Weighing in on the fact that you’ve been outed for your vengeful antics and questionable ethics. .

    This should answer any questions: UnethicalMcClellan.com


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