Census Bureau Reports Illinois Losses from Depopulation

The Illinois Policy Institute has an interesting article by Austin Berg about migration of Illinois residents to neighboring states:

New data from the IRS show Illinois lost $720 million and 21,800 people on net to neighboring states from 2015-2016

Illinois lost the border wars with every neighboring state in tax year 2015 (2015-2016), according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service.

On net, more people and money “walked out” of Illinois to neighboring states than walked in.

Illinois lost 21,800 residents to neighboring states on net, measured in exemptions.

Indiana was the biggest winner out of Illinois’ bordering states, gaining more than 8,200 exemptions on net.

Nationally, both Indiana and Wisconsin both landed in the top 10 as net gainers of Illinois exemptions. Indiana saw the third-highest net gain of Illinois exemptions while Wisconsin’s net gain was the nation’s sixth-highest.

When those residents leave Illinois, they take their wallets with them. The Land of Lincoln lost more than $720 million in adjusted gross income, or AGI, on net to neighboring states in 2015-2016. Wisconsin saw the largest gain. Illinois lost $253 million in AGI to the Badger State, on net.

Both Wisconsin and Indiana landed in the top 10 as net gainers of Illinois income, taking the No. 6 and No. 7 spots, respectively.

All States minus $4,754

  1. Florida minus $1,34161
  2. California minus $567
  3. Arizona minus $361
  4. Texas minus $359
  5. Colorado minus $265
  6. Wisconsin minus $253
  7. Indiana minus $215
  8. Tennessee minus $261
  9. Michigan minus $153
  10. Georgia minus $152


Census Bureau Reports Illinois Losses from Depopulation — 6 Comments

  1. Just remember this one fact:
    DEMOCRATS (and RINOS) are responsible for this fiscal fiasco, and there is no end in sight.
    Vote Ives, the clock is ticking for Illinois residents.
    This could very well be our last stand.

  2. Teacher’s unions, other unions in the government sector and school districts have also contributed to the financial mess in Illinois and people leaving the State.

  3. I wonder how much of that net loss is represented by Public Sector Pensioners, fleeing Illinois with their loot, to Fl. Az. and Tn.?

  4. As to the question surrounding how much in public pensions stays within the State, I thought this might be useful from the TRS annual report:

    TRS benefit payments largely stayed in Illinois and created economic activity throughout the state
    that helped support more than 41,000 jobs. These jobs have an estimated payroll of $1.6 billion. In all,
    economic models show that TRS benefits created a $3.8 billion economic boost to the State of Illinois.

    Last fiscal year “TRS benefit payments” totalled $6.2 billion. So TRS’ own estimates indicate only a $3.8 billion economic boost on $6.2 billion in payouts.

    At this point, the State would get a bigger bang for its buck if it just dropped 6.2 billion One Dollar bills from helicopters all over the State. At least that cash would get spent here in Illinois.

  5. We need more undocumented immigrants to do the jobs Illinois Whites do not want to do…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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