Republican Governor Candidate Jeanne Ives’s Controversial Commercial Creates Reaction

Video Exposes Rauner’s Anti-Conservative Actions

State Rep. Jeanne Ives caused controversy last week after releasing a TV ad which some categorized as “racist”, “sexist” and “transphobic.”

Snapshot from Jeanne Ives’ 2018 primary election campaign commercial

But late Sunday Ives’ campaign announced that her campaign received a $2 million contribution from Lake Forest businessman Richard Uihlein.

On Monday Ives responded to criticism of the ad during a speech at the City Club of Chicago.

The TV ad promotes the website “Chronicling Bruce Rauner’s Betrayal of the Illinois Republican Party.”

Bruce Rauner

The bills Rauner signed into law cited in the video are:

Jeanne Ives at a 2018 campaign event in McHenry.

HB 1785, Transgender Birth Certificates: 6 of 73 House and Senate Republicans voted for it (0 in the Senate).

SB 31, Sanctuary State: 6 of 73 House and Senate Republicans voted for it.

HB 40, Taxpayer-Funding of Abortion: 0 of 73 House and Senate Republicans voted for it.

SB 2814, Taxpayer Bailout of Exelon: 27 of 73 House and Senate Republicans voted for it.

According to polling data, HB 1785 and SB 31 are opposed by a supermajority of Illinois General Election voters.

All are opposed by a supermajority of GOP primary voters as they were a supermajority of GOP legislators.





Republican Governor Candidate Jeanne Ives’s Controversial Commercial Creates Reaction — 15 Comments

  1. Rauner has money – Jeanne Ives has principle!

    Early voting starts in two days (at the County Building on Ware Rd.). Mark your ballot for someone who will do what she says, not what her spouse says!

  2. This so called “controversy” is being drummed up by the Fake News Media and force fed
    to the useful idiot DEMOCRAT voters to keep the DEMOCRATS in power over their subjects.
    Nothing in Ives ad is untrue and as we all know the truth is what the Left/Progressive/DEMOCRATS
    fear more than anything else.
    Tic tock, tic tock, tic tock – MAGA !

  3. Thank you conservative voter and HonestAbe for your comments. Jeanne Ives is a hope and a prayer for those of us wanting to see Illinois turn around. We are on a Sinking Ship and we can thank The Teacher’s Union for their participation in the Electoral Process. The good teacher’s don’t have a voice and forced to pay for the garbage put before us. That means you, Tic Tock Boy.

  4. Geez Cal, did you have to trick me into clicking on that link to Illinois fourth branch of Government, Chicago Media? Eric Zorn is still the Democrats Communications Director?

  5. I Loved that commercial. I have a transgendered friend that also agrees that men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms unless you’re looking to be public ally humiliated or beaten up by some guy just outside the door waiting for his wife, daughter or mother! Common sense people. It’s the do-holders who create these unintended consequences!
    And the birth control/abortion thing that Rauner wants US to pay for to make the Democrats happy, that’s a no brained to REVERSE. Go Ives!

  6. “I am not homophobic; my best friend is transgender”…sounds familiar? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  7. I was a bit shocked by the commercial and the actors but have to be honest, I agree with the words.

  8. I think this commercial just cost her 1000s of votes. Transgender community votes and so do the Mexicans and teachers…The Republicans in this country just don’t get it. The Republicans need to bring people into this party, but yet they keep alienating themselves from Minority groups that vote. HB1785 was not a bathroom bill it was a gender maker bill. Any one beating up Transgender people for using the bathroom can be arrested. As of today no Transgender people have been arrested for problems in the restroom. But there have been politicians that have been arrested for doing illegal things in restrooms, so why don’t they ban politicians from public restrooms?

  9. Possibly, you don’t get it, Mark. The vote is rigged! People must stand up for real integrity and real responsibility. Voting doesn’t work in those instances.

  10. My point is if there is 1 Transgender voter in every precinct in Illinois, and now they don’t vote for her, that will cost her over 1000 + votes. Now I am sure there is at least 3 Mexicans that vote in every precinct, now there is another 3000 + votes. If a person is upset with something or some one they will get out and vote. And add there family members that feel the same way there are more votes lost. Even Trump campaigned at a LGBT rally. If this add just tagged her as racist and homophobic that will cost her more votes. All Rauner has to do is just be quiet about both things, and he will get these votes. Simple math.

  11. We have to look at the strong possibility that there are many Democrat voters in Illinois who are also parents. Parents of young girls and teen-age girls. They abhor the idea of boys using the washrooms/dressing rooms with their daughters at school. They agree with Jeanne Ives on her position on this matter and would vote for her in the general election for this as well as her other ideas on beginning to solve the huge problems in our State government.

    Also, Jeanne is likely to pick up votes from Democrat women voters simply because Jeanne is a woman of intellect and a woman with very strong family values. Liberals and Democrats have been very vocal about supporting and voting for women government leader positions and many of these Democrats, women and men, will cross over and vote for Jeanne in the general election.

  12. HB1785 is NOT a bathroom bill it is a gender marker bill. Ives TV ad WRONG and mis- leading.

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