Breakfast with Tiffany Fundraiser Saturday February 17th

Final Fundraiser in Support of Judge Tiffany Davis

A breakfast fundraiser for Tiffany Davis is scheduled at the Stanchion Pub in the Starline Factory, 300 W Front Street, Harvard, IL 60033.

The Starline Factory is has a unique history and rustic appeal and is an interesting venue to take in.

The primary election is in the final stretch and Judge Davis needs your support.

$30 individaul/$50 couple/Committeemen free

Sponsorships are available

You can RSVP here.


Breakfast with Tiffany Fundraiser Saturday February 17th — 9 Comments

  1. It’s kind of an in your face move to go way out to Harvard to hold a fundraiser in your primary opponent’s home town.

  2. Exactly where she should be if you figure that Judge Berg has a “hometown” advantage there. Berg will likely reciprocate. It’s the smart thing, not an in your face thing.

  3. Lake,Cook County and DuPage are delaying early voting due to a challenge of an attorney general candidate. is County Clerk McClellan doing the same?

  4. Follow the money: Same in Rockford and St. Clair and East St. Louis.

    What a screwed up mess! There is a candidate for Democrat Attorney General who is gumming up the works!

    As the candidate is state wide, I would expect ALL electoral Boards (County Clerks) would legally have to delay all early voting?

    Where is the consistency?????

  5. Went to do the early voting thing today. McClellan’s office didn’t even bother to place signs showing the polling place (at least for now) is in her office rather than upstairs as it has been for longer than I can recall. No signs but at least the security guard knew where the balloting was taking place.

    They are using paper ballots until such time as the Democrats can get their ballot straightened out. You go through the same routine as with the electronic balloting and the deputy clerk hands you a printed Republican or Democratic (that’s an assumption since I didn’t ask for a Democratic ballot) and you vote in the privacy of a “booth” then deposit same in a lockbox.

    Other than “hiding” the polling place, it seemed to be a good system all things considered.

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