McHenry Township Firefighters Pension Funded 515%

Annual Investment Return Estimates Not Included in Reporting

The Prairie State Wire published an article on the Rankings of the 100 best funded pension systems.

McHenry Township Firefighters should have no worries about fund solvency with funding at 515% of obligations.

IMRF sits at #15 best funded with 90% funding.

In 2016 McHenry County Blog posted articles on police and fire pensions.

McHenry County Taxpayers Owe Over $130 Million for Underfunded Police and Fire Pensions…as of Two Years Ago

McHenry Township FPD pension’s were previously funded 1745%.

Crystal Lake was 68% funded.

Crystal Lake Taxpayers Owe Tens of Millions to the Crystal Lake Police and Fire Pension Funds



McHenry Township Firefighters Pension Funded 515% — 3 Comments

  1. A 515% funding level means the taxing body’s tax levy is far too high.

  2. Wait till some bill authorizes the invasion of that fund to bail out Chiraq, the CPS wastrels, and all the aliens relocated to Illinois. The $ just sitting there is most tempting! Watch it disappear!

    Don’t say it can’t, the state is in an emergency, and Zimbabwe economics WILL prevail to redistribute the dough.

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