Results of Crystal Lake Police Department Super Bowl Enforcement

The Crystal Lake Police Department Completes the Super Bowl Weekend Traffic Campaign to Save Lives

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

The Crystal Lake Police Department participated in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program conducted during this past Super Bowl weekend.

Crystal Lake Police

Law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois participated in this statewide effort from February 2 through February 4 to save lives by encouraging motorists to refrain from drinking and driving and to buckle up during late-night hours.

Because of the additional patrols, the Crystal Lake Police Department:

  • Conducted traffic stops on an additional 29 motorists for traffic violations
  • Issued a total of 28 additional citations, which included:
    • 2 citations for transportation of open alcohol
    • 1 citation for driving while license revoked
    • 1 citation for driving without a valid license
    • 4 citations for unlawful use of an electronic communications device
    • 13 citations for speeding
    • 1 citations for seatbelt violation
    • 4 citations for operation of an uninsured motor vehicle
    • 1 citation for an equipment violation
    • 1 adjudication citation for possession of cannabis drug                                            paraphernalia

Part of the statewide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and “Click It or Ticket” campaigns, this recent traffic enforcement operation was made possible by federal highway safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Safety Programs.


Results of Crystal Lake Police Department Super Bowl Enforcement — 9 Comments

  1. Why aren’t the CL cops enforcing the housing ordinances which bar dozens of unrelated people living, typically illegal aliens, in the same flop house or apartment?

    Some of these joints house so many, parking is quite a problem for the ordinary citizens.

    The laugh is that the poor illegals pay exorbitant ‘rent’ for their lodgings!

    Won’t dear Llavando take some of ‘;em in?

  2. I’d rather the police focus on fellow motorists who are transporting open alcohol, drugs or who are speeding and don’t have insurance than a bunch of folks and where they sleep.

  3. Just another dog and pony show meant to impress the tax paying public.
    Police should be enforcing the law everyday,
    nothing special about SS.

  4. Why would police enforce housing? It should be the building/zoning department for housing issues. They would also be a part of health and inhabitable situations. (aren’t there ordinances public health regulations addressing number of bedrooms per number of children and total occupants) I think at one time Cary Fire worked together with building inspectors and checked suspected multi-people addresses for safety issues; dangerous use of power cords(too many plugs into extension cords, coupling together extension cords for multi-plug use, finding cords draped over sinks, etc., smoke detectors, as well as safe exterior stairs, decks and handrails to support all the people.

  5. No actual DUI’s, but 4 citations for electronic devices. Worse than drunks, but with a fraction of the punishment.

  6. Does anyone have the breakout of the ‘revenue’ distribution from these citations?

    How much to the judge, county, recorder, circuit clerk, city?

  7. Big deal. Agree with Honest Abe. If this was a “grant program”, complete waste of state taxes to pay for overtime expenses that did nothing to benefit CL.

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