LWV Cancels Tonight’s McHenry County Clerk Forum

Major Snowfall Expected this Evening

The League of Women Voters has cancelled the forum that was scheduled for tonight.

Janice Dalton

Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio.

Joe Tirio and Janice Dalton were scheduled to discuss their candidacies.

There is a possibly the event will be rescheduled.

You will remember earlier McHenry County Blog did an article on the Northwest Herald’s reporting of  Janice Dalton’s bankruptcy filing. NWH Features Bankruptcy Petition of McClellan Choice for County Clerk Successor


LWV Cancels Tonight’s McHenry County Clerk Forum — 13 Comments

  1. Why would they cancel?

    Is it because they are afraid Bob Anderson and his band of anti-road district grumps will be out trying to plow snow and put salt & grit down, and thus make the roads worse, as they are not professionals?

    Don’t worry folks, we ain’t to that point yet.

  2. Weather is most likely the reason though I wonder why, with all of her baggage, Dalton is even bothering to stay in the race? While the bankruptcy of a potential public official is bothersome, the raid on her husband’s pension, if true in the manner in which she did it, is a felony. That she wasn’t charged is another matter, but it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and s***s like a duck, well. . .

    I mean, she’s not the treasurer, but one would hope we’d have a bit of integrity in the county clerk’s office. Haven’t seen much of that since Kathy Schultz left the office.

    No place currently available to place this one, but Craig Wilcox just lost my vote. I arrived at the County Admin Building prepared to give him my vote. Why my change of heart? He obviously is another one of those politicians who feel the rules are for someone else. The driveway to the Admin building is, AFAIK, COUNTY property, it is not a dedicated roadway so there is no public right of way. A good 40′ or so north of Ware Road were two 4’x4′ signs for Craig Wilcox on either side of driveway. While certainly compliant with the required distance from the polling place, it is my understanding that campaign signs posted on county and municipal property are illegal.

    His were the only signs posted so I presume my understanding is correct. Even Ray Flavin seems to be aware of this as he had two individuals standing on the curbside right of way along Ware Rd holding two homemade campaign signs. I wasn’t going to vote for him regardless, but at least he’s not flaunting his self-anointed “special status” indicating that he’s above the law.

  3. Campaign signs are allowed at most polling places. Early voting is taking place at the amin building.

  4. It’s a woman’s job anyway, what man would run for this?
    Tirio, why don’t you be a real man and get a man job.

  5. Dalton has done a great job for McHenry for 16 years and she would be a great choice for McHenry County…she is NOT a political hack!

  6. ‘OnlyTheFacts’ How is the County Clerk a ‘woman’s job?’ That’s ignorant and sexist of you. You’re discredited.

  7. Re: “Dalton has done a great job for McHenry for 16 years ”

    Have you checked into how many times she was late filing minutes?

    I guess we just overlook that and the fact that she admits to taking money from her husband’s retirement fund without his written authorization to fund her video poker?

    I also take this opportunity to thank one of her mentors, Pam Althoff for pursuing the approval of video poker in McHenry County. Video poker – another hidden tax on the poor and irresponsible members of society.

  8. Re: “Tirio has issues.”

    Yes he does. He won’t hire his wife and was successful in getting the referendum on the ballot to eliminate the position of Recorder.

    Relative to: “It’s a woman’s job anyway, what man would run for this?”

    Ranks right up there with the blatant sexism which has been present in Hollywood ever since the advent of ‘talkies’. Herb Willis is correct.

  9. ‘It’s a woman’s job?’ Where’d that come from?
    Is The Dolt Dalton snowed in and unable to get to the casino so she’s hittin’ the keyboard?

    Well the “woman” AND her husband who currently have the job clearly cannot handle it and are screwing it up!
    And now UnethicalMcClellan.com is pushing Dalton-the UnEthical bankrupt, gambling fool.

    “Dalton has done a great job for McHenry?” Be specific. I will…
    She sucked off the taxpayers for a fulltime gig til they couldn’t justify her lack of contribution anymore and knocked the position of taking city council minutes and posting agendas down to part time (and she couldn’t do that right!) Her job was so minuscule that the city currently works without a clerk!

  10. Right, Conservative, the only “issues Tirio has” is his disdain for nepotism, patronage, corruption, and incompetence.
    He’s so hired!

  11. No Problem, Joes office runs Itself so well he need not be present so he’s not most of the time.
    He spends most of his time at his home with his wife Karen talking politics and watching TV.

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