First Day of Early Voting Totals

Thursday, February 8th first day of early voting in McHenry County

A photo taken from Ray Flavin’s Facebook page shows volunteers standing outside the McHenry County Government Center with signs on the first day of early voting .

A Friend of McHenry County Blog called the McHenry County Clerk’s Office Friday morning and was told there were 27 early voters on the first day, and 752 vote by mail ballot requests.

According to news reports, some Cook County voters will not be able to early vote for at least two weeks because of petition challenges.

It was previously reported on McHenry County Blog that some precincts’ sample ballots were not available online. Sample Ballots for March Primary Not Available on McHenry County Clerk’s Office Website.

It appears all of McHenry County’s online sample ballot issues were resolved.

Currently the Kane County Clerk’s website has sample ballots for the 2017 Consolidated Election in their sample ballot locator. You can see a snapshot that was taken today from the Kane County Clerk’s website below.


First Day of Early Voting Totals — 14 Comments

  1. Nope, not all issues are resolved. I live in unincorporated Harvard. Why is there a referendum on my ballot for the city of Harvard voters that were not supposed to be voting on???

  2. The signs the two kids are holding are probably the only two Flavin for Judge signs in existence.

  3. Do you think that is some kind of political statement about how trashy yard signs look in a judicial race? Or just laziness?

  4. How do you pull the ballot up? I’ve entered the number, street name and type. I don’t know the direction stuff. What’s with the direction and post direction part?

  5. Maybe if your IQ was higher you could figure this out.
    Did you by chance get your education in McHenry County?

  6. otf are you being a smart a$$ someone has a question and you give a crap reply like that?

  7. I was looking for some help to pull up my sample ballot and I’m getting this message. “No address matching search criteria.” Please try again. I’ll call the clerk’s office tomorrow.

  8. Maybe John should call the clerks office instead of here for the correct answer.
    It takes all kind of stupid.
    Really John?

  9. John Pletz I see you are the campaign manager for McClellan’s running mate Demetri. You live at 7405 Manor Rd. Crystal Lake, Illinois and I looked up your address and I was able to pull up your ballot without any problem.
    Seems to me you are just trying to make McClellan look bad for political reasons. For this reason and dirty tricks like these, I will vote for McClellan.

  10. I just got off the phone will the clerks’ office. The lady who answered the phone tried to pull up my ballot from her computer and got the same result. “No address matching search criteria.”. So she tried it a couple more times. Finally she enterned the information with out filling in the street part. So she just put in 7405 and dropped down and only put in Manor. She left the “Street” part empty. It worked that way and when I tried it, I got through and was able to download my sample ballot.

  11. Making McClellan look bad = not as difficult as you would think.

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