Six Months of Manufacturing Data Shows Continued Pessimism in IL Economy

A press release from the Technology & Manufacturing Association:

SCHAUMBURG, IL – In the sixth month of the Technology and Manufacturing Association’s (TMA’s) monthly manufacturing survey, manufacturers’ optimism in the Illinois economy remains weak while their belief in the US economy remains robust.

Only 12% of manufacturers are optimistic about Illinois’ economy, pessimism that has remained consistent during the six months of survey data.
Meanwhile, 92% of the manufacturers surveyed are optimistic about the United States’ economy, a number that has grown from 80% since last August.
“We can look at our elected officials, in Springfield, for why only 12% of manufacturers have a positive outlook on Illinois’ economy,” said Dennis Lacomb, TMA’s Director of Government Relations.
“The manufacturing community continues to struggle with stifling, over-burdensome regulations and taxes that drive up operating costs.
We have seen the benefits at the national level because of positive developments like tax reform. Now it’s time for our elected officials in Springfield to do their part.”
The Illinois Manufacturers’ Outlook is a monthly survey taken of TMA’s members to track the opinions of Illinois manufacturers.
A random sample of twenty-five of TMA’s thousand members are surveyed live each month. Click here to see the full January, 2018 report.



Six Months of Manufacturing Data Shows Continued Pessimism in IL Economy — 8 Comments

  1. Why ANY business would stay in Illinois or start-up a business is beyond me. Illinois is the most unfriendly state for businesses to succeed-simply why Wisconsin and Indiana and several other close states have thank Illinois for it’s ignorant business stance as businesses flock AWAY from Illinois, and people too, much like another Democrat-run losing State, New York

  2. tma – Telling us what we already know.
    See a DEMOCRAT – thank a DEMOCRAT …. and that includes RINO Rauner.
    Vote for Jeanne Ives, we might not stop the inevitable but perhaps we can
    slow it down long enough to make it out before taxing us out of our homes
    and retirement income.

  3. Why no stories about Andrew Gasser making a 23 year old with no college education and no experience who was fired by the supervisor in Algonquin the deputy road Comissioner in Algonquin?

    How much is he getting paid Mr. Integrity?

    Miller was bad but the pot is starting to look a lot like a kettle.

    Patronage much?

  4. According to the article in Breitbart, Rauner is quoted as saying:

    “Illinois has been welcoming of immigrants for a long time, and this bill will continue that tradition”.

    By his Sanctuary State stance and the above statement, Rauner is in the same camp as politicians such as Gutierez. Notice how Rauner adopted the practice of conflating “illegal immigrants” with “legal immigrants” by conflating the two by simply using the word “immigrants”. If he were honest about the immigration issue that he made worse, his statement would read:

    “Illinois has been welcoming of legal immigrants who come here for a long time, and this bill that I will sign will now make it easier for illegal aliens and illegal immigrants to stay in our State and use our resources paid for by Illinois and U.S. citizens”.

  5. Why no stories about Miller hiring his wife as secy. for $95K!

  6. Former President Obama is on CNN tv, “the most trusted news source”, this morning with his former First Lady wife and she is giving a speech.

    Where is the gratitude by former President Obama for the State that helped him get started in his political career? Why does he not come back to Illinois with his family and continue his work. He could MIGA, Make Illinois Great Again. Look at the results of his Trillion Dollar Stimulus years ago.

    With Obama’s proven and great skills and abilities, he could turn this State around fiscally/financially by enticing high-tech and green industries to this State and bring back hundreds of companies and corporations which have fled this State. All of these entities would increase the tax base and would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  7. The ghost of Rev. Wright lives here, Bred.
    Now you know that Liberals never return to that which they have destroyed,
    they just move on to the next target.

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