Tiffany Davis for Circuit Judge Fundraiser February 17th

“Breakfast with Tiffany” Final Fundraiser For Judge Tiffany Davis

A breakfast fundraiser for Tiffany Davis is scheduled at the Stanchion Pub in the Starline Factory, 300 W Front Street, Harvard, IL 60033.

$30 individaul/$50 couple/Committeemen free

Sponsorships are available

You can RSVP here.


Tiffany Davis for Circuit Judge Fundraiser February 17th — 10 Comments

  1. Note to her marketing team: the main plot of Breakfast at Tiffany’s revolves around a female sex worker looking for a wealthy husband.

    I’d go with something else.

  2. John, that’s just it! Not only do these room temp. IQ judge candidates not read, she apparently never even bothered to watch the flick.

    Then again, maybe she did and finds the Hepburn protagonist some kind of idol.

    We don’t need an, oh so cutsie nitwit on the bench. We already have too many!

  3. She might win because this is the year that all men are butt holes.

  4. All the women yes except for Shuster or Ives all the rest I would vote for.

  5. Since the movie was “Breakfast AT Tiffany’s”, you’re all reading the flier wrong. Your lack of knowledge when it comes to who Judge Davis is (that’s right folks, she already IS a judge, as is the other person, Judge Berg) is obvious. Try sticking to something you have a limited ability at, like breathing and walking at the same time.

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