Comparing McHenry County Property Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 1

CPI Increase Totals 33% – McHenry County Property Taxes Increased Over 75%

A friend of McHenry County Blog compiled the information explaining McHenry County Taxes in correlation to the Consumer Price Index.

The McHenry County Chairman and some candidates for County Board are claiming they have reduced your property tax by 11%.

The table below will show that the County probably had substantial leeway to reduce their property tax.

Additionally, the cut at the County was an abatement – they could reverse it later this year for next year.

Jack Franks’ Cut 10 logo from his 2016 County Board Chairman race should have read “Abate 10”.

In summary from 2002 to 2016:

County Population increased by 10.55%.
County Assessments have increased 29.44%.
County expenditures have increased 88.41%.
County Property tax collections increased by 76.74%

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased by 33.8%.

Check which government bodies increased their levies more than 33.8% and you can identify government bodies who are living beyond the taxpayers’ ability to pay OR the voters approved referendums which increased levies.

The CPI at the end of 2017 was 245.12

Based on the report at this link, McHenry County expended $47,034,000 in 2002.

This link shows McHenry County had budgeted expenditures of $88,615,000 for 2016 which was an increase of 88.41% compared to 2002.

The contents of the table below were extracted from the McHenry County display of property taxes for 2002 and 2016.


Comparing McHenry County Property Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 1 — 36 Comments

  1. Wow! “Cut Property Taxes NOW 10%”. Has the chairman made a public statement, for the record, exactly how that has worked out? What are the results?

  2. Re”What are the results?”

    Last year they raised the property tax to allow a lowering this year. The lowering is only temporary. Next year it will likely go up again unless we can rein in the RINOS!

  3. C’mon people, it’s the old shell game – and the taxpayers ALWAYS lose.

  4. @HonestAbe – This isn’t a shell game – it’s a strawman.

    Cal created a strawman saying that Franks and the board promised to cut ALL taxes by 10%. His evidence? A logo. Illogical comes to mind as a word to describe this rationale.

    Cal, disregarding your own diatribes, by what credible news source can you find coverage that says “Jack Franks and the county board promised to cut all taxes by 10%?” If that promise sounds as dumb to you as it does to me, it’s because it’s entirely illogical for anyone on the county board to claim that they could cut all taxes by 10%. There are hundreds of township officials, school board members, city council members, and 100’s of other local units of government that would need to be engaged and committed to cutting all taxes by 10% for Cal’s assumption, that the board promised to cut all taxes by 10%, to be true. Cal’s attempt to lay mislead voters and the 20 people that read this blog is nothing more than fake news.

    Also, BEST PART OF THIS ARTICLE is that CAl litereally confirm that Franks was able to cut the county’s tax liability. He said that, “it’s just an abatement and could be raised next year.” But doesn’t that mean that taxpayers are paying less for county government under chairmen Franks?!

    Cal, thanks for confirming that Jack Franks cut the tax burden of county government for the taxpayers.

  5. Re: “taxpayers are paying less for county government under chairmen Franks”

    Not really. His cohorts on the County Board raised taxes at the end of 2016 to permit a temporary abatement for 2017. Go back and check who voted how.

    Those same cohorts are now supporting his agenda to ‘Madiganize’ the County.

  6. Let me get this straight….

    In Connecting-the-Dots-land, prior to office, Chairmen Franks was able to convince the board to raise taxes so that, when he won, then he could go and cut taxes? Is that what you are saying? By the way, this is the same board that voted to CUT the budget for the chairman’s staff in 2016, which I’m pretty sure would have coincided with the same budgetary vote you are referencing to raise the county levy…

    The board can’t be in Franks’ pocket, yet deliberately motivated to diminish his office. Food for thought because, Dots, you can’t eat your cake and have it too.

  7. If the logo, “Cut Property taxes NOW 10%”, was promoted by the chairman, then every property (homeowner) owner should see a 10% cut in their OVERALL bill. OVERALL, not just for the County Government portion. If a bill was $10000, then the next bill should be $9000 as an example. Did this, or will this, happen for all or most property owners? If not, then the logo was dishonest and misleading.

    To get a true 10% or more cut in this County, we will need to see massive changes in how school districts are operated including consolidation of districts and consolidation of administrative job titles as well as haircuts for all. Another way in addition would be more money for schools from the State.

  8. Bred, a logo does not represent a policy position. When you look at a Burget King sign, do you think that that means they are Kings of all Burgers or that all burgers should surrender their fiefdom to Burger King? No. You and your ilk are perpetuating a falsity that is as ludicrous as it is disingenuous.

    Objectively, a politician running on the platform of cutting all taxes by 10% is set up to fail. It is literally an impossible task for one office holder to negotiate with all stakeholders in only one term. Franks never signed up for that. Quit lying. Quit perpetrating Fake News.

  9. Jack Franks was under the controlling party for that whole time down in Springfield! Jack Franks did nothing to help alleviate the stress of our taxes! I also blame Pam Althoff and others that were down there! Time for a new guard of fiscally conservatives!

  10. Bred wins post of the day once again.
    If anyone is promoting “fake news” here it is Moderate, as usual.
    He is a Franks sycophant no matter how strenuously he denies it
    while defending Franks positions/policies.

  11. @Bred – Top 10 other great examples of logo misinterpretations:

    10. Because the name is Kool-Aid, it’s guaranteed to make you kooler
    9. Ocean Spray contains only saltwater
    8. Old Navy outfits will help you look like this:
    7. Because the name is Virgin Mobile, it’s only for virgins
    6. Taco Bell bells should be made of tacos
    5. Firestone tires should be made of boulders
    4. Oracle should be a psychic service, not tech giant.
    3. Sun-Maid will give you a sun burn
    2. Best Buy always has the best buy
    1. Disney should be pronounced Gisney because the logo looks like a G.

  12. If anyone wants to know why Cal’s blog has become useless to so many, please see the above comment by Moderate. I simply cannot endure the sheer stupidity of what has become of a previously entertaining and insightful blog. There is just no excuse at this time in history for such abject nonsense.

  13. Cindy,
    I’m glad we agree. There is no excuse at this time for such abject nonsense like thinking a logo dictates the policy position for the entirety of a county. Fake News.

  14. Moderate at 3:14 PM. Very poor attempt at making an analogy.

    The logo in our County, if it was endorsed by the chairman, was no different in deception than the slogan that President Obama used early in his first term to sell the Affordable Care Act. He kept saying dozens of times to Americans that if they liked their health care plan and their doctor then they could keep these. This was not true, but a grand lie. Also, the Affordable Care Act was misrepresented in its naming. It turned out to not be affordable with huge increases in premiums.

  15. A logo in the private sector that ACTUALLY was honored and fulfilled was by Sears. It honored its logo/statement that was on every entry door to their stores. It said, “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”. I recall at least two instances where I did take back products and received a refund in one case of a very poorly designed lawn mower and a replacement tool in another.

    The logo from the chairman was not fulfilled.

  16. Bred – “Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back” is a slogan, not a logo. SEARS in all gray caps is their logo.

    From Franks’ OWN WEBSITE: “Once elected, Jack will move to reduce the county’s share of the property tax levy by 10%”

    Cal confirmed IN THIS POST Franks accomplished this.

    Any news contrary to the FACTS is FAKE NEWS.

  17. @Moderate What is Jack going to do next yr? Understand that increasing back to the same levels increases the % more than 11.2.

  18. “Cut property taxes now 10%” is a promise apparently unfulfilled. “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” is a promise that was fulfilled for customers by a large corporation. In the private sector, if you goof up royally, you are out of business. In government, if you goof up and/or are not effective or efficient, just raise the taxes and put the burden on citizens.

  19. I’d love to see what kind of raises schoolteachers, cops and other government employees have received in that time frame.

  20. Bred – From Cal’s less than conciliatory post: “The McHenry County Chairman and some candidates for County Board are claiming they have reduced your property tax by 11%… the CUT at the County was an abatement..”

    The cut. Please let me know what is the definition of a cut? Is it an increase in taxes?

    Also, if you think in this political climate that the board will vote to increase taxes, you clearly don’t have a grasp on politics or are playing cal skinner games.

  21. Get an objective opinion outside McHenry County.

    Ask any friend or relative who owns a house outside McHenry County, such as in Wisconsin, Iowa or other Illinois Counties (Winnebago, Stephenson, Jo Daviess, etc), what they would think if they saw a political ad that stated, “CUT property taxes NOW 10%” means? Also tell them that CUT and NOW are capitalized. I would bet a cup of expensive coffee that the vast majority would think that meant the total bill of their real estate taxes would be CUT by 10 percent.

    To keep defending a deceptive statement by a politician probably means being in-the-tank for that politician. There is no other explanation.

  22. @bred – I support elected officials that keep their promises. Franks cut the board’s levy by 11% exceeding his promise on his website. The fact that you can’t accept this is as befuddling as it is sad. Do you want the county to suffer from higher property taxes? Why aren’t you supporting efforts to do so?

    Franks Laid out his Plan:

    Franks proposed cutting pensions:

    Franks worked WITH THE BOARD to cut taxes:

    Franks and the board passed a referendum to request schools follow the same path:

    This is true leadership.

  23. My comment is being blocked because I supplied links to news articles that discredit Bred’s fake news campaign that the county board has not decreased the county’s tax liability to McHenry County Citizens.

  24. Moderate. Give it up.

    Any real estate property owner, with at least a high school education, will easily and correctly interpret the quote “CUT property taxes NOW 10%” by a politician as a promise to cut their property tax bill by 10 percent. There is no other possible interpretation of those quoted words.

    Maybe some politicians should have a reputable writing and composition teacher proofreading all of their campaign and other literature and documents that are intended for public consumption to assure they are not making promises they really had not intended. The teacher would check that political ads are honest.

  25. Uhhh… Bred, did you read Franks’ website – or did you just read a sticker?

  26. Here is the text of the flyer issued by the chairman. It clearly states his/our(?) efforts to reduce property tax bill by 10%. That means the whole, the entire, tax bill and not a portion of it.

    The words on the flyer:

    “Sorry I missed you.” “CUT property taxes NOW 10%”
    “I knocked on your door to share our efforts to reduce your property tax bill by 10%. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.”

    The remainder of the flyer has the phone number, web site and name of the politician.

    The flyer can be seen at web site:

  27. Listen Bred, you want to go door to door and evangelize this, which I doubt you would do because it would involve not being an internet troll – go for it. You would be lying if you do.

  28. Well Moderate, looks like you continue to ignore the facts which are the actual words on a document distributed by the chairman and his people.

    One other fact is that the McHenry County Treasurer when referring to real estate “tax bills” means the amount due for the total bill and payable in two installments. The bill is for county government, school districts, township, etc.

    Who might need a remedial reading and writing class?

  29. Well, bred, seems your disagree with Cal that the board cut taxes.

    The fact is that you look at logos for policy positions. May the sophists be with you.

  30. Well, looks like you just cannot reason with some folks. These may be the ones who are easily conned by bias and hype from the mostly left wing media.

  31. Let’s recap for the folks at home: If you want to get a message across to bred, make sure it fits on a sticker – it’s where he gets his news. Doesn’t everyone?!

  32. I can’t remember a County Board candidates who won promising to cut taxes 10%.

    The promise came from Jack Franks.

  33. The program I use does require moderation when there are a lot of links.

    The comment is now up.

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