Comparing Library and Park District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 2

Majority of Library and Park District Increases Higher Than CPI

A friend of McHenry County Blog compiled the information explaining McHenry County Taxes in correlation to the Consumer Price Index.

Today McHenry County Blog is revealing numbers for Library and Park Districts.

Part 1 on McHenry County numbers can be found here: Comparing McHenry County Propery Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 1

In summary from 2002 to 2016:

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased by 33.8%.

County Population increased by 10.55%.
County Assessments have increased 29.44%.
Library District tax collections increased by 29.44%.
Park District tax collections increased by 52.05%.

A levy increase more than 33.8% and identifies government bodies that are living beyond the taxpayers’ ability to pay OR the voters approved referendums which increased levies.

Note Fox Lake Library District increased by 202.35% from 2002 to 2016, while Barrington Library reduced it’s levy 21.42%.

Crystal Lake Library District recently asked voters for a property increase, but those referenda failed.

Also of interest is the 2016 City of Harvard referendum that failed which asked to increase the maximum tax rate from .075% to .233% to allow for park and recreation upgrades.

Harvard residents will also see a tax increase referendum on the March 2018 primary ballot. This time the proposed increase request is to raise PTELL limitation to 14% for park and library districts.

The contents of the table below were extracted from the McHenry County display of property taxes for 2002 and 2016.


Comparing Library and Park District Tax 2002 Versus 2016-Part 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Some park districts raise taxes and then purchase land in the name of “open spaces”. I would prefer the lower taxes.

  2. Given that the CPI reflects consumer cost increases- does your wannabe analyst/anonymous coward care to illustrate what percentage of the libray budgets are tied to consumer goods and services? I thought so.

    Also telling, is the deliberate omission of identifying whether a district had a referendum to approve the increase. A delightfully deliberate error of omission.

    This is just the sort of pseudoscience I expect from oxycodone-damaged Trumpistas.

  3. At least Crystal Lake asked taxpayers. Algonquin library rammed in an insanely bad expansion at a whopping $837 per square foot. I mean someone either padded their pockets big time or we get to see the 24k tiled floors when they’re done. Typical spend for residential is about $100-125/sq ft and commercial is usually double that.

  4. Algonquin Library also has censors so conservative web sites cannot be accessed!

    Isn’t that sweet of the LGBTQ agendaist-employees?

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