Anna May Miller Took Home $31,146 in “Misc” Income since 2013

McHenry County Blog received a reply to a Freedom of Information Act request that showed Anna May Miller, Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s wife and salaried Administrative Assistant, received $31,146 in miscellaneous income from 2013 until her husband left office on May 5, 2017.

Anna May Miller

Bob Miller

Current Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser has no idea the justification for such payments.

No documentation can be found.

A chronological record of the fifty-six payments was created.  You can see the results below:

The largest payments appear to be shortly around Christmas.

They range from $2,250 right before Miller was narrowly beaten by Gasser to $3,000 or more in the previous three Christmas seasons.


Anna May Miller Took Home $31,146 in “Misc” Income since 2013 — 15 Comments

  1. Pay day for Anna May … and hopefully a stay at the Graybar Hotel
    for theft of taxpayers funds.

  2. Nice coffee fund. I suspect many city, county, and state governments see this sort of “leakage” which can range from a few dollars all the way up to Dixon, IL level abuse.

    It appears this activity is part of the election process playbook and once elected, and settled in for some period of time, and the level of power and authority becomes clear or expands then the leakage starts.

    Do we really ever think this will change.

  3. A big thanks to those Nunda nitwits, who put him on the payroll. Now I’m stuck having to slop these hogs on my Nunda Tax Bills.

  4. Since Grasser can’t find any documentation for these payments over several years, of course his mind goes to corruption, without ANY proof or reason to suspect corruption other than his own little “mind”.
    Sad, for the local taxpayers, all the money he’s costing them in this “witch hunt”

  5. @AZsupporter Jeez, what is it with you?

    Bobby boy had the balls to pay his wife what?

    Close to $90K to be an administrative assistant?

    That takes guts to put that in writing and give the middle finger to the taxpayer.

    If the $31K in Misc Income was reported, you know damn well that it WASN’T reimbursement for expenses.

    So what on earth is she receiving that money for?

    A bonus?

    Why is there no justification?

    Is this just another example of the piggy’s raiding the piggy bank?

    If we were talking about one or two items without supportive documentation, that’s one thing.

    However, when you take into consideration all the other questionable purchases and practices, corruption is a reasonable suspicion to entertain.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and sh**s all over the taxpayer like a duck, well, it probably IS a corrupt public official/employee.

    You and I, as business owners (so long as we’re not publicly held) can do any damn thing we want with our company’s funds.

    Not so with public funds.

    Every cent should be accounted for and in the case of Algonquin Twp Highway Department/District it obviously has not been, for decades.

    Let’s call them “The Miller Years.”

  6. Maybe the answer is in the boxes Chuck and Ryan were video taped on throwing in the dumpster at night.

  7. Why hire and keep Ryan if he disposed of Miller “business as usual” documents?

  8. Hey AndyZinkeSupporter, as usual, you’re on the wrong side of things!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg of stolen taxpayer dollars.

    Wise up, because the taxpayers have been paying up, and far more than their share!

  9. AZ…..what family member are you? You are too funny. Lock them up!!!

    Gasser can spend all he wants to find the truth.

  10. This is bad. Real bad.

    You know what is just as bad… Gasser hiring a 23 year old with a shoddy job history and no marketable education and making him the highest paid employee in the township.

    Facebook reports indicate that the new Deputy Commish has already driven a plow off the road.

    One has to wonder why Gasser is going out of his way to promote this clown.

    The video of Gasser rambling about a long needed bridge repair with his Deputy standing next to him is idiotic at best.

    “Hey Taxpayers, I think so little of you that I’ve put a 23 year old with no reliable job experience and no formal education in charge of a bridge project.”

    That kind of judgement is not only stupid, it’s dangerous.

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