Tomorrow’s Tiffany Davis Fundraiser “Breakfast with Tiffany”

Enjoy Breakfast with Judge Tiffany Davis

A breakfast fundraiser for Tiffany Davis’s breakfast fundraiser is 9:30am tomorrow morning.

The Stanchion Pub is in the Starline Factory, 300 W Front Street, Harvard, IL 60033.

$30 individaul/$50 couple/Committeemen free

Sponsorships are available

You can RSVP here.


Tomorrow’s Tiffany Davis Fundraiser “Breakfast with Tiffany” — 11 Comments

  1. Perfect motif, ‘Breakfast with Tiffany’

    Here’s the storyline of the her psuedo-clever meme, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’:

    Based on the degenerate Truman Capote’s novel, this is the story of a young woman in New York City who meets a young man when he moves into her apartment building. He is ‘with’ an older woman who is very wealthy, but the gigilo feels he is a great writer. She is working as an expensive whore-escort and searching for a rich, older man to marry

  2. Can’t the commenters here ever base opinions of judges and judicial candidates on what they actually have done rather than their names?

    On a larger scale, it points to the problem of electing judges.

    They cannot campaign the way other politicians do.

    They cannot say how they will rule in cases, other than saying they will be fair and impartial and other generalities like that.

    You can, however, look at her experience as a Winnebago County prosecutor.

    How many jury trials has she done?

    How many major felony jury trials?

    Has she ever been disciplined by a court or the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission?

    That organization, the ARDC, has a website that is easy to use to look up lawyers by name:

    If you are going to opine about candidates, why not use evidence of their qualifications as the basis, rather than making fun of name or gender, or a movie plot?

  3. I’m sure OldMan’s saying her campaign is trying to be cutesie. Not something we look for in a Judge.
    Kudos tho, for trying to set herself apart from the other female candidate for Judge who is a disaster and has a bad record.
    Well done to Tiffany Davis for making us remember which female to vote for thru marketing, cutesie as it may be.

  4. Davis has been a judge in traffic court for weeks. Everyone has more experience than she does. Berg is a great Judge, Davis may be someday. Not sure why a person wouldn’t want Berg in the Circuit spot a bit more.

  5. Martin, don’t forget the years she also worked at the State’s Attorney’s office here in McHenry Co before going to Winnebago Co. She has tons of experience, years of it, and IS currently a Circuit Judge, the spot she is running to retain. She was appointed to the position over many other attorneys and judges by the Supreme court to fill the remaining term of another judge who retired from the bench. She is perfectly qualified for the position; not taking anything away from Associate Judge Berg.

  6. Experience means nothing to someone who doesn’t have the mental capacity for critical thinking.

    I think Ms. Davis will be on ok judge as the rest have set the bar pretty low.

    Hillary Clinton has lots of experience of corruption.

    It means nothing but bad news.

  7. There we are. For a moment, actual facts were wielded. Now we are back to Hillary and memes.

  8. Experience, especially in the government sector, means next to nothing.
    You can walk into any city, county, state or federal agency and talk to people with 20 or 30 years of gross incompetence as there is little or no accountability.
    A judge should be intelligent. Is Ms. Davis intelligent?
    Jury still out from what I’ve observed.

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