Comparing Township Road District Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 6

48.37% Average Increase in Road & Bridge Funds

Today McHenry County Blog is revealing numbers for Township Road Districts.

In summary from 2002 to 2016:

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased by 33.8%.

County Population increased by 10.55%.
County Assessments have increased 29.44%.
Township Road District tax collections increased by 48.37%.

A levy increase more than 33.8% and identifies government bodies that are living beyond the taxpayers’ ability to pay OR the voters approved referendums which increased levies.

  • Dorr Township takes the prize as leader with levy increase of 368.52%, four times the amount as the next highest taxers.
  • Dunham Township residents saw the least amount of increase from their Road Commissioners. At 15.33%, levy increases are well below CPI.

The contents of the table below were extracted from the McHenry County display of property taxes for 2002 and 2016.

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Comparing Township Road District Property Taxes 2002 Versus 2016-Part 6 — 6 Comments

  1. Townships increase taxes by 37.2 % while Road Districts increase by 48.37 %.

    Is this adequate justification to eliminate Road Districts and place those functions under the control of the Board of Trustees?

  2. These damn townships…the township supervisors do nothing, at least the township road chiefs reprimand their slacker road employees.

    I’m still waiting for mine to repay me for the mailbox one of his ‘workers’ destroyed when they plowed 2 days after the snow hit last week!

  3. Hey Kay,

    People like you have no right to complain.

    Iron Mike does a truly great job in Nunda.

    Townships are great! You’ld be dead without them.

    You even admit they plowed — not you!

    Quit watching soap operas and get off your sofa and do some work for a change!

    It’s easy to complain non-stop all the time.

    Are you Bob Andersen or one of his dementia followers.

    Go to Canada sinse you don’t want townships, they are the type of government that is closest the people.

  4. Once an old Township road hack from Ealing,
    Who was wholly devoid of calm feeling,
    Drove a small plow-rig with three owls and a pig,
    Which distressed all in the Township o’ Ealing!


    I just picked up a paper Jim Condon, the erratic and sometimes hotheaded Road District Kingpin of McHenry Township carelessly discarded in store.

    I opened up the crumpled paper, but it was blank!

    But I took it home, and with a No.4 lead pencil, tried to see if I could lift the message from the indented writing.

    But I couldn’t, it was too faint to read.

    So, I took it to Dr. Fred with his ultraviolet gun, and lo and behold, the following message appeared:

    Township To Do List February 2018:

    1. Erase video tapes of township goons attacking helpless citizen ASAP

    2. Yell at A.

    3. Call TOI for instructions (Township Officials of Illinois?)

    4. Buy extra-sharp saber

    5. Name saber ‘KINDNESS”

    6. Start killing pig-headed Trustees and their incorrigible Deplorables
    with “KINDNESS.”

    7. Turn in receipt for “KINDNESS” into Township for reimbursement

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