Thought on Township Road District Abolition from a City Dweller

Under the article about the McHenry Township Trustees having put abolition of the Road District on the ballot this fall in McHenry Township appeared the following vommernt from”Dante”:

Township Road District employees, families and friends spoke at last Tuesday’s special McHenry Township meeting.

“The road districts need to have different tiers for taxing.

“Tier 1 is for people who live on township roads.

“Tier 2 is a lower tax rate for people living in the township but don’t live on township roads.

“Residents near Lake Kilarney aren’t helping residents of Crystal Lake, why should Crystal Lake residents have to pay for the maintenance of residential roads near Lake Kilarney or other township roads?”


Thought on Township Road District Abolition from a City Dweller — 24 Comments

  1. What about people who live in municipalities and are already taxed for road!?

  2. Should there be a tier system for people who live on county roads and those that don’t on another tier?

    Should there be a tier system for sales tax, those that live in the municipalities pay full boat because they receive all the benefit, and those that live in unincorporated areas pay less because they don’t get the same benefit?

  3. They should change how road funding is allocated.

    The most funds should not go to the townships with the most miles per township, rather should be granted based on the most population per township.

    Because of the former structure for fund allocations, downstate and rural highway commissioners are able to create their own fiefdoms based on road contracts.

    Meanwhile, suburban roads are terrible because they aren’t allocated enough funding.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous and needs to stop.

  4. Come on folks, wake up!!

    Townships are not building useless traffic circles – the County is.

    Townships are not studying the building of new salt domes and buying up property to lay down more concrete and asphalt for a DECLINING population – the County is.

    Concentrate o the real problem: S-P-R-I-N-G-F-I-E-L-D!!

    Vote OUT the Democrats!!

    What is the primary goal of Biss and Pritzger?

    INCREASE taxes!!

    We need to elect conservatives to County and State governments!!!

    Rauner was given his chance and he blew it!

    Vote for Ives everywhere and in the fall vote for Wilcox in McHenry / Lake!!

  5. Nearly the entire ‘audience’ was made up of township flunkies ordered to appear by their Road Dist. bosses.

    Will they be paid for it, too?

    3/4s were imported from outside McHenry Township!

    That’s what happens when the piglets might get their trough and playpens taken away!

    Make them ID themselves by address and whether they are employed by a rotten township; or whether their spouse is employed.

  6. Conservative voter: We can’t do anything much about Madigan. (except get rid of his enablers like Reick, Althoff and Co.)

    Quit trying to distract us from the one rip-off level of government we can do something about ASAP!

  7. Justin, you are one of Andersen’s zombies!

    You have no idea how hard the township roadway people work. And they do it for peanuts.
    They sacrifice themselves for you.

    You’d be dead without them, the first big snow!

    Don’t have a heart attack after you get rid of township Road dist. The ambulence won’t make it.

    Road not plowed. You die!
    You don’t know what your talking about.

  8. Yeah, Townships are so clean!

    No oversight = temptation, leading to theft.

    Again, again and again!

    here’s case not even a year old:

    EAST ST. LOUIS — Saying he could think of “nothing worse than taking from the indigent,” a federal judge sentenced a former East. St. Louis Township official who admitted stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the impoverished community to five years in prison.
    In scathing comments during Thursday’s hearing and in a memo to attorneys, U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan made it clear why he was giving 63-year-old Oliver W. Hamilton a sentence that was five times longer than the one recommended by prosecutors and Hamilton’s lawyers.
    “The court intends to send a clear message that public corruption will not be tolerated,” the judge wrote of Hamilton, who pleaded guilty in December to wire fraud, admitting that he’d used a township credit card to steal about $40,000 to buy himself things like plane tickets and to make child-support payments.

  9. Hey, “fool”

    If “Justin” is a zombie, isn’t he dead already?

    You write like a true Township flunkie, didja get your gold star from King Kondon for your prize post?

    Question: If it’s such a bloody ‘sacrifice’ for you to plow the roads ‘for peanuts’ you are indeed a fool, not to get a real job for which your great and unappreciated talents will be properly compensated.

    But we both know the township ‘work’ ain’t that tough at all. Do you have a permanent hammock at the township from which you watch the cable TV/internet shows the taxpayers are paying for?

  10. If the township workers are working for peanuts, send me a bag. If the East St. Louis official got a five times longer sentence, what will the Millers get if found guilty?

  11. Well, they are getting the grand prize of eternity in Hell if they do not repent.

  12. MFT is handled three ways:
    County, by total registration of vehicle’s.
    Township’s, by mile of road.
    Municipalities, by total population.
    If township’s are eliminated will that mile of road funding just vanish?
    Many questions need to be answered before any changes should be voted on.
    Cal should start a well planned dialogue on this issue, so a well thought out plan can be implemented.
    Prove a savings, I’m all for any tax relieve that can be found.

  13. People are really showing their ignorance by not realizing that roads are built for the common good not just for those that live on them.with few exceptions we can drive where we darn well please in this country.

  14. Hey gramps,

    get some coffee and wake up!

    Some of us don’t have the senior tax freeze.

    And all were asking is that the roads be done by the County, like they do in Iowa, avoiding a whole duplication of pensions, perks and rip-offs!

  15. When you post: ” the roads be done by the County,” do you really understand what you are saying? Ask the people on Fleming Rd about the County and how they will plan to build runways for jumbo jets when a simple coat of pavement will likely suffice.

    I full support undoing what Springfield did – they created a Highway Commissioner dictatorship but no way can I ever support handing Township roads off to the County.

  16. Ricky,not all Twp have pensions as usual a comment by someone who has no clue about what they are talking about

  17. Roads done by the county huh? Let’s pay more for wages now that all the township workers will be union. Go from having 1 maybe 2 bosses to 5 or 6 Ricky is a joke. Bigger government will save us money what a moron.

  18. There is 230 miles of county road, 800+ of township roads.
    No one at McDOT want the extra headache of increasing levy even if it means hire wages for the bosses.
    Municipalities will want annexation, that means a tax increase for many.
    We need a well thought out plan.

  19. Let’s see…..Nob is in with the SA… with MCDOT…seems to have all they answers. And defends everything the last guy did to a T. Makes ya wonder!!!!

  20. “All the answers”, no just more answers than people who by their own fault are ignorant of the facts.
    Never supported purchase of Disney tickets as an example, so use of the word “everything” is political rock throwing nonsense.
    Do you have a valid plan or just whining again?

  21. If the Road District levy goes away, the Municipalities will have to increase their levies to compensate.
    About 50% of the R&B fund at Alg twh gets kicked back, Cary gets around $300k.

  22. Having not yet decided whether, or not I support the abolition of township’s, and or the road district’s? I’m left with one question. Who do I trust more to perform those responsibilities? I’ve seen all these governing bodies at work. It’s laughable to witness the decision process at any level. Having no confidence at all, I don’t see where making a change, will make any improvement. Yet the bar is set so low.

    How hard can it be to not steal from people?

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