McClellan Uses Blast Email for Fundraiser Invite

Billed as hosted by “Women of Distinction,” McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has a $75 fundraiser on February 28th in Woodstock at Mix and Mingle Woodstock.

Perhaps some readers know some of the sponsors, presumably “women of distinction,” but none ring a McHenry County bell for this writer.


McClellan Uses Blast Email for Fundraiser Invite — 9 Comments

  1. Perhaps a blogger of distinction may be admitted…anything for a free meal…tic, tock, meow, meow…

  2. I would be curious to know just who these “Woman of distinction” are.

    It is a title I have NEVER heard used by any woman’s group in the county.

    It does appear she is banking on the gender card.

    Hoping the other votes get split among the male candidates.

  3. The IBA’s judicial candidate poll should be out by Friday.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Mary’s peers think of her.

  4. She’s a candidate of distinction, as in ‘sharp contrast to any of the 3 males who are decent and would be a better choice.

    She’s also in the ‘Top 3’ (as in top 3 politicians in this county I wouldn’t piss on if their hair were on fire!)

  5. Most of her names of distinction are vague, what women’s bar association, what court reporting service?

    If you look at her website, she does not include names with her “endorsements.”

    Obviously she made up her own endorsements.

    Will she turn Ed the Harasser loose on the women of distinction?

  6. Even when using a mailing service template this goof can’t get it correct.

    Check out the bottom of this piece. Helpful hint annotation left in. Was there a document to be downloaded or is that also a mistake?

    Campaign materials are required to have certain information included regarding who is sending it out, reports available, etc.

    Is Moron Mary really that stupid or is she just saying “F*** You” to us and the law?

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