Fantasy Phone Hack of Algonquin Township

Reader “Observer” got the idea from reader “Farrin Squire” to construct a phone tree that could have been interesting while Bob Miller was Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

Farrin raises an interesting idea.

Under El bobby press 1 for junkets for the Miller family,

press 2 to order tote bags online at taxpayer expense,

press 3 to sell like new street sweepers for $185,000 less than value,

press 4 for $47,000,

press 5 for nepotism,

press 6 for late night secret deals with Local 150,

press 7 for salt delivery,

press 8 for a circus tent delivered and installed at taxpayer expense,

press 9 for Disneyland,

press 0 for excessive spending on all of Bob’s toys including a woodworking shop.


Fantasy Phone Hack of Algonquin Township — 20 Comments

  1. Almost as funny as the phone hack, but with a smaller audience thatn the NWH, just as much nonsense bs too.
    The need to throw rocks isn’t of real value by either side.
    The Game goes on.

  2. To reduce this felony to a joke is unbecoming of you, Cal. Severely disappointed.

  3. Agree with Cindy: this is a serious matter and shouldn’t be minimized

    This is a government office.

    This “hack” affects security and confidentiality.

    With all of the tens of thousands of dollar spent on new locks, cameras, etc., how did this happen?

    Find the perpetrator; prosecute.

    Lesson learned. Algonquin Township is the laughing stock of McHenry County and well beyond.

    Abolishing townships can’t come soon enough.

  4. @Cindy – More important issues are at stake than the mystery of the re-programmed voicemail. Maybe Scooby-Doo and the gang can investigate and get to the bottom of this important case. Also, you say felony, I assume you are referring to the ECW post. If you read the Illinois statutes, they were incorrect in stating this is a felony. I encourage you to read at the exact statues online at Relax. It’s a joke. We’ll collectively forget about this in a week.

  5. Spotlight? I’ve read the statutes. I agree there are many more important things to chase down than a phone hack. For instance: Why are “they” poisoning our air, food, and water? But, no one in here wants to address those life-threatening issues so we are stuck debating phone hacks. People that cannot think critically have to be baby-stepped into seeing the light. You yourself are clearly still asleep with the kind of nonsensical prose you post.

  6. I see the situation as a perfect example of the general public’s attitude to an antiquated form of government that has demonstrated a total lack of respect and unaccountability for those who have been forced through their taxes to support it.

    It has relegated itself to joke status…

    THAT should be the felony.

  7. @Cindy – If you read the statutes, you would see that the ECW’s ‘charges’ are nonsensical prose.

    @LTResident – Hit it on the head. Comment of the day goes to you.

  8. @Cindy – Also, very interested in what statutes you read. Please copy paste links to the websites for other readers to learn from your hard felt research that you obviously did.

  9. Go find my post on it originally. I quoted where it came from. I am NOT doing your homework for you. What would that teach you?

  10. Riiiiiing! Hi, this is your sunshine blog. Your comment is very important for us. Please press 666 for the sunshine blogger or hold for the next available republican fundraiser, cat story, or useless campaign signs from the 1980’s…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  11. Swordfish, how come you never add “All the Queens Horses” to your rant about bad gov?
    Cal has it, did you miss it?

  12. It doesn’t surprise me who finds this a funny joke. That’s who you are. What does take me back a bit, is how willingly you admit to it publicly. Not just here, but all over social media.

    Are all crimes this funny to you, or just the ones committed against those you hate?

  13. Thanks, Grapevine, but I am NOT the one that would be interested in this. It is WAY too simplistic for me. I have been expounding on the soft-kill of the deep state for over sixteen years. The ones that need to see this will never look. They are too brainwashed to accept any of the message. Thanks for trying, but preaching to the choir is not that helpful at this late stage. You can see how busy they are with back-biting and joking over trivial matters like Scooby Doo. God bless you in your awakened state.

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