New Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Court Filing Against Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, Predecessor Bob Miller

This past week, attorney Robert Hanlon, on behalf of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, filed another brief in the case that started out as one to make certain that records were not destroyed.

Besides Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, former Road Commissioner Bob Miller and his wife and former employee Anna May Miller are named in the suit.

The suit continues to complain that Gasser has not been able to obtain records of tools and equipment purchased by the prior administration.

The accusation is made that Lukasik had willfully withheld” the documents making it impossible for Gasser to conduct an inventory of Road District assets.

Also complained about was the deletion of electronic records without a destruction order, including all of Bob Miller’s emails under the accounts [email protected] and [email protected]

Noted is Bob Miller hired Crystal Laker Keith Seda “to forensically electronically wipe the respective computers in the office…to eliminate the records of misconduct in the Road District.”

At Bob Miller’s instruction Seda is said to have removed two backup hard drives and given them to the outgoing Road Commissioner.

Gasser has asked for these electronic records, but they have not been provided.

Noted is that there are no records of communications between Miller and Local 150 of the Operating Engineers.

The packet of documents received by mail at the end of May, 2017, about two weeks after Gasser took office is mentioned.

Reference to parts of mailing, such as the Disneyland ticket, plane tickets to New Orleans for non-employee family members (Rebecca Lee and another with the last name of Lee believe to be the granddaughter of Bob and Anna May Miller) and women’s clothing, were purchased with a Road District credit card are enumerated.

A page from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s Road District credit card statement from July 2008.

Specific items identified by credit card bill could not be found by Gasser when he took office.

Gift cards from Jewel and a bill from a Wisconsin Hooters Restaurant are included with the assertion that there was “no public use associated with the purchases.”

An Apple IPad Air-2 also could not be found.

You can read some of the items purchased by the former Road Commissioner that Gasser considers not to have a public purpose below:

Miscellaneous income paid employees is cited in the suit as “a scheme and artifice…to receive additional compensation beyond salaries as well as ‘bonuses.'”

An injunction is requested to prevent Lukasik and the two Millers from destroying Road District records.


New Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Court Filing Against Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, Predecessor Bob Miller — 14 Comments

  1. The conspiracy and collusion to destroy evidence grows ever deeper.

  2. Does he do actual work or just sue everyone?

    He’s going to lose to 150.

    The labor unions have very deep pockets and they don’t care what they spend to defend themselves.

    Hundreds of thousands on the attorney.

    When he sues others at the township the taxpayers pay for the defendants attorney fees.

    You could do a lot of roadwork with that money or refunded it to the taxpayers.

    Vengeance is not his to seek.

    He was elected to do a job and that job is not a witch hunt on former and current co-workers.

    Move forward.

  3. The Mrs: This blog has reported Hanlon is not charging for the lawsuit in question.

    Miller signed the poison pill.

    And if the union always wins how come a Judge just ruled against it saying the termination of Ryan Green was proper?

  4. Sorry not sorry, not drinking the Kool-Aid. Why don’t you grow up and stop trying to guess who is who. I’m not Anna, you don’t have to be a Miller to see how wrong this is.

  5. It has already been proven that no Millers know anything about what is right or what is wrong. Kind of suspicious that The Mrs. is exactly that kind of stupid. The Mrs. and the nob are the only two left that are vaguely defending malefactors. It takes a special kind of stupid to be so blind to the truth.

  6. I’ll look forward to Cindy’s run for office. Her campaign will have all the answers given her 16 years of knowing and evangelizing how the deep state works. We need Cindy to run for office and provide us with the real truth. /s

  7. If Cindy hates it I’m on the right track.

    How am I defending the Millers?

    I’m saying he was elected to be the highway commissioner.

    He is blowing the budget with lawsuits.

    It’s getting pretty nuts and Cindy knows all about getting nuts

  8. Pursuing justice is NEVER wrong.

    The taxpayers are owed a pursuit of justice; the process of using laws to judge and punish crimes and criminals.

    The taxpayers are owed recovery.

    The union is arrogant and the process was underhanded.

    The taxpayers want their money and property back.

    How is this wrong? The Mrs?

  9. This case will actually help stop this kind of corruption in its tracks across the state! It’s well worth the money to get the taxpayers money back as the township can sue for that taxpayer money that was misappropriated!

    It will also save 100’s of thousands when they don’t have to pay Miller’s pensions.

    Hanlon isn’t charging for this portion of the Alg Twnshp lawsuit?

    THAT GUY’S A HERO!!!!!

    No NWHerald article on that!!

    Also no mention of Bob Miller’s attorney that charges MORE than Hanlon and he’s not giving it away.

    I guess there’s no insentive for truth, justice and the American way while defending a creep and his clan.

    Bob Miller is STILL costing the Township and he’s not even there anymore. No mention

    The Mrs must be one of his boot lickers.

    Also, anybody catch the fact that Miller and his wife have different lawyers?


    I know Anna May Miller could not be reached to comment on all the misc payouts.

    Steve Brody, her attorney, declined to comment because of a pending criminal investigation.

  10. It couldn’t be said any better then outwiththeold, and Farrin Squire.

    To The Mrs, if you think that there isn’t any “actual work” being done, then you’re just not paying attention.

    You can go to the website and view frequent video updates.

    One HUGE example is the Edwards Rd. bridge.

    Imagine, being a resident there.

    Ten years they’ve lived there, without a fire engine having access.

    10 years, they pleaded for that bridge repair/replacement, knowing they couldn’t get help if needed.

    Now the can have some peace.

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