Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Asks Court to Force Return of $47,000 Quarter Century Deferred Sick Pay from Bob Miller

In the court filing on February 20, 2018, by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser, most of the motion concerns retention of records which Gasser could not find when he took office on Mary 15, 2017.

That was covered in this article previously.

Bob Miller

Included was a request that the Court order former Road Commissioner Bob Miller to return his $47,000 delayed sick pay to the Road District.

The $47,381.84 check Miller received after the end of his term for sick time that was not taken while he was still an hourly employee of his father, then Road Commissioner, also is in the suit.

It is noted that no report ever filed by Miller as Road Commissioner mentioned that liability and the money came out of the Road District, rather than the Town Fund.


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser Asks Court to Force Return of $47,000 Quarter Century Deferred Sick Pay from Bob Miller — 10 Comments

  1. Regrettably, Miller’s action was entirely legal.
    Teachers used to do this all the time and finally the State capped unpaid sick leave.

  2. But Spotlight, did they at least have proof and documentation?

  3. Yes! And we should recall anyone on the board that approved that ruse!

  4. Spotlight, can you expand on your belief that this “action was entirely legal”? I don’t see how it can be, as it was done.

  5. There are two others that have basically the same letter/proof as Bob.

  6. Murmmering Mutton aka Gasser – Ask Hanlon if it’s legal to get paid based on sick days.

    Sure is.

    Wish it wasn’t.

    Whether the forms are filled out correctly is for judges and attorneys to decide.

    Whether Miller deliberately didn’t fill out the forms is another question.

    Based on information you keep sending to Cal, it appears that Miller did not get paid through a back channel, rather he did so with visibility of the township.

    As some say of the Clinton Campaign, we don’t know where the incompetence ended and the malevolence began in relation to the emails.

    With Miller, it seems he wasn’t malevolent at all.

    That said, attorneys will have to argue if there was intent to defraud the taxpayer it conceal the fraud.

    Clearly, based on all the documents you keep sending to Cal, no.

    So, Miller probably won’t pay back the cash – regrettably – and you will continue to waste taxpayers dollars because soon the township will be on the hook for Miller & Company’s legal fees – regrettably – and then you lose your next term – regrettably – and we go back to a status quo candidate – regrettably.

    Pretty disappointing.

  7. Spotlight? Your inability to see evil is truly astounding! Your jejune trust in attorneys is equally appalling.

  8. Cindy,
    Do you ever say anything positive? Every time I look at one of your comments, it’s calling someone stupid or naive or jejune or an idiot. If you are so smaaaart, why don’t you go run for office? Vote for Cindy! She knows it all! She’ll fix everything because she’s been educated on the lizard people over 16 years.

    I pity you because you probably have zero friends.

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