Friend of Bob Miller Firing by Andrew Gasser Upheld by Administrative Law Judge

Ryan Greene, one of the Algonquin Township Road District employees featured in our miscellaneous income articles, was fired October 10,2017, for misconduct by Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

See Ryan Green Highest in Algonquin Township Road District “Miscellaneous” Pay After Three Miller Family Members

The guts of the decision is below:
Represented by Operating Engineers Local 150 attorney Bryan Diemer, Greene applied for unemployment compensatuoin, but the termination for misconduct as defined in 820 ILCS 405/602A was upheld after a hearing by the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

The Algonquin Township Road District was Represented by Attorney Robert Hanlon.

The decision is below:


Friend of Bob Miller Firing by Andrew Gasser Upheld by Administrative Law Judge — 15 Comments

  1. Where is “Mr’s” you said local 150 going to win.

    They lost here!

  2. Ditto sick and tired

    Looks like the Mrs a/k/a the three witches of Macbeth – Anna May, Becca and Boobie, were way off on this one.

    Highway Department workers drank the Miller Kool-Aid and joined the union.

    You made the choice Ryan.

  3. Since there is a determination that the firing was for cause, he’s not coming back and Local 150 can’t do anything about it.

  4. Back McSweeney’s bill!

    Get rid of this Township and any others like it.

  5. Sadly, now I’ll never know, who really is the “best bush cleaner”.

  6. This is what taxpayers are paying thousands for?

    How does this court document play with voters?

    Esthetically, it looks and smells like a political hit job. Gasser is one term and done.

  7. Observing? Not much on critical thinking, eh?

    Had a common criminal in charge for decades and now you want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    You are going to create your own noose by thinking this way.

  8. Great News. ‘Spotlight’ one of your boys was misbehaving and he’s gone. Quit your whining.

  9. Huge loss for 150….not!

    We will see what happens with the real case.

  10. “The Mrs” please.

    Did you listen to the arguments in the Supreme Court yesterday? By the time this is said and done not much will be left.

    As far as the Millers ever reasserting the regime, its never going to happen.

  11. 1 down, 18 to go!

    Doesn’t the Admin. Lwa Judge bother to proofread!

  12. Sick, I would love to see all unions evaporate, more than anyone.

    I’m saying that 150 is hard/impossible to beat.

    In this case they were acting on behalf of a fired employee, if you were fired with cause, there is no case.

    I still believe the township will lose.

    Supreme court case is in regards to being forced into paying dues and membership.

    I do hope it ends public and all other unions I just don’t believe that it will happen any time soon.

  13. I hate to pour cold water on this, because I truly despise unions, but this case merely determined that the firing was justified under state law.

    If the CBA with local 150 is upheld in court, the Road District might be forced to rehire the guy if Gasser didn’t go through the proper termination procedures that are spelled out in it.

    Let’s hope that the Road District wins its court case over the validity of the CBA.

  14. Billy Bob – spot on – pun intended.

    What people need to be asking themselves is, “what did Hillary Clinton feel when she thought her election was a sure thing?” This blog is a vacuum for a very narrow subset of voters who parrot the same opinions. Clinton lived in a vacuum, how did that work out?

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