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  1. If we end Section 8 Housing, most of the violent crime goes away.

  2. Huh?

    “As violent crime continues to rise in our communities, Tiffany Davis’ experience …”

    I’d vote for this little liar, if she ever explained just WHY violent crime is on the rise in McHenry Co.

    Could it possibly have anything to do with the changing demographics introduced by section 8 housing vouchers and 40,000 inner city savages visited upon us courtesy of Jack Franks and his ilk?

  3. No, No, No, not this one. More power will inflate her head even more.

  4. Ms Davis is currently assigned to traffic court, and as a new judge she will probably there or at some other less prestigious assignment for the foreseeable future.

    I’m not sure that I want a “tough” judge in traffic court – there are a lot of speed trap towns in this county.

  5. Judge Davis has been assigned to the divorce division, effective last week.

    What, “swordfish,” do you accuse her of lying about?

    Say specifically what you claim.

    Otherwise, you are just an anonymous name-caller.

  6. They might list Judge Cooney in felony court, but that doesn’t mean it is so.

    Like someone claiming they served in the army or taught at a major university. Doesn’t make it true.

  7. Judge Cooney was on the bench when I was a kid. My point was that the website is wrong. Judge Davis is in the divorce division.

    The other remark was off the rails, pertaining to another candidate in another race. It didn’t have any meaning in the context of this thread beyond making the point that just because someone says it doesn’t mean it is true.

  8. Swordfish,please explain yourself and your implications that she is somehow responsible for the raise in crime because of her ? of section 8 housing?!? Eric C can explain his/her/it’s post too

  9. She’s a damn liar every time she’s says she’s prosecuted thousands of cases.

    That’s at least 2000, and it’s pure hogwash.

    She was actually removed from some cases, and she botched some too, what about those?

    She’s also a liar when she claims to be fair.

    But she’s so damn good bc she’s ’empathizing with all parties”

    Another lie: “As the only career prosecutor on the bench” …

    And she told a number of lies about Bianchi when her husband was running against him….

    Ask the little darling if she ever said Bianchi was a ‘mob lawyer’??? Go ahead and ask!

  10. Swordfish, she prosecuted for 22 years.

    Handling 100 cases per year is a low estimate, not high.

    She says she did 45 jury trials, 15 murder trials.

    You say that’s a lie.

    I say go check the numbers, because you didn’t.

    You call her names from the safety of your anonymity.

    Who else currently on the McHenry County bench do you think was a career prosecutor?

    Name one.

    You can’t, because none were since Judge Rob Bedersteadt (spelling?).

    What, when, and where did she say anything about Bianchi being a mob lawyer?

    He ran a video store and did low end private lawyering before he was elected after Pack.

    So tell us the facts behind that claim.

    I think you are making things up.

  11. Bianchi also worked for the Cook County State’s Attorney, including working on bad cop cases.

  12. I thought judges were supposed to rule BY THE LAW. What does compassion or toughness have to do with anything here?

  13. Judges have a lot of discretion.

    Sentences are set in ranges, so a judge exercises discretion governed by compassion or prejudice or life experiences or toughness or religious beliefs or what their cousin said at a barbecue last week.

    That is just one example.

    In divorce cases, judges decide custody and parenting responsibility.

    I personally value compassion in a judge.

    Toughness is something I define in a way that does not come into play much for judges.

    Of course, someone claiming to be tough is like claiming they would run into a building unarmed to confront a shooter.

    I say, ok, if the time comes I guess we shall see.

  14. Cal, I did not know that aspect of Bianchi’s experience.

    When I came out of the Navy in 1988, he was in private practice.

    He was licensed in 1968, so there were 20 years before that.

    I stand corrected.

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