Andrew Gasser Asks Court to Order Immediate Return of Bob Miller’s $47,000 in Deferred Sick Pay

Strangely, in last Sunday’s front page story on the demand that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller return $47,381.84 in deferred sick pay and now-Township Clerk Karen Lukasik return $250 in miscellaneous income, the Northwest Herald decided to feature the $250 angle.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser sued Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, former Road Commissioner Bob Miller and his administrative assistant and wife Anna May Miller to prevent them from destroying Road District records.

The suit was augmented earlier this month by Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon to include demands that

  • Miller return $47,381.84 in money wrongly paid from Road District funds for sick time deferred from before the early 1990’s when Miller was an hourly employee of his father and
  • Lukasik return $250 in miscellaneous income she received from Miller as a senior bus driver during the months before he lost the February GOP Primary Election to Gasser

In the section about the “erroneous payment” to Miller, the brief points out that state law requires Road Commissioners to report annually about District liabilities stating the amount of the liability and the “creditor who shall be named (emphasis added).”

You can see the report that Miller filed shortly before he left office below:

Bob Miller’s report of liabilities of April, 2017, says there are none.

Nevertheless, Miller authorized payment of more than $47,000 to himself from Road District funds, as can be found below:

Authorization of payment of $47,381.84 to Bob Miller containing Bob Miller’s and Road District Chuck Lutzow’s signatures.

Then-Supervisor Dianne Klemm wrote Miller a check for that amount and Miller cashed it.  The check can be seen below:

In one of Miller’s filings, his attorney (and former Cuba Township Road Commissioner) Tom Gooch wrote that writing about the deferred sick pay he had erred in saying the money was a liability of the Road Fund, as can be seen below:

Hanlon’s characterization in the most recent brief can be seen below:

Hanlon concludes by arguing for summary judgment be rendered by the Judge:


Andrew Gasser Asks Court to Order Immediate Return of Bob Miller’s $47,000 in Deferred Sick Pay — 11 Comments

  1. “Even if Robert Miller had not admitted the payment was in error”

    The above iquote s taken from the article exhibit.

    So Bob Miller has known for almost a year he took $47,381.84 from the taxpayers and he didn’t give it back!

    Where is law enforcement?

  2. As they say on the new video game “Grand Theft Algonquin” (Level 6 “Kingpen Bobby’s Pleasure Palace”)


  3. so let me get this clear, he excepted the money knowing he was not owed the money????

    took the check, cashed the check,and now the cash hasn’t been returned???

    Clearly theft would be the intended objective, authorities ? law enforcement ?? arrested ? none of the above,

    sometimes I wish I were a Miller ,

    Nah I’m not that crooked!!!!!!

  4. Do the taxpayers have to sign the criminal complaint?

    Anyone in law enforcement, with jurisdiction, care to answer if a criminal complaint
    can be signed against Bob Miller for this incident?

  5. Anyone on that board that okay’d that ought to step down. Things are gonna get real bad for you.

  6. All of these stupid criminals need to go to jail. Drain the swamp!

  7. Insult to injury imo, is that he was paid at his current pay rate, not based on his pay scale at the time accrued, for (I recall) 283 days.

    That might not be illegal, but it sure is unethical.

    As is anyone who approved this theft.

  8. This is the problem with Creepy Komenda and the Northworst Herald.

    Never mind we are going after the $47,381… it is the $250 that makes the headline.

    This is the kind of stuff that comes from the Northworst Herald.

    The Creeper cannot help himself and cannot write a story down the middle.

    The Creeper and the Northworst Herald continuously show their bias.

    This is why I will never speak to anyone at that rag.

    They lack integrity and honesty.

    They spin and deceive.

  9. Good for you, Andrew. The people of integrity know what is correct and what is the truth. God bless you and Godspeed!

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