Carolyn Schofield on 2nd Amendment Issue

Former member of the Crystal Lake City Council, McHenry County Board member and candidate for the GOP nomination for State Representative Carolyn Schofield has commented on one of the gun control issue issues of the day on her Facebook page.

Below are screen shots of  her comment and of those liking what she says:


Carolyn Schofield on 2nd Amendment Issue — 19 Comments

  1. If you were really a supporter of the Second Amendment, you wouldn’t care about any “hunting argument” for semiautomatic rifles.

    The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting.

  2. The irony of Schorchfield’s “COmmon sense is all I’m asking” after vomiting among the most adolescent, willfully ignorant arguments on this issue, that I have seen to-date!

    And of course Melendy is there to cheer her on!

    Schofield and Melendy = the Asian Carp of the republican party.

  3. Schofield is quite the gem!

    Carolyn, do MC a favor and stick to soccer-momming.

  4. What the Hell is she babbling about? None of that made any sense whatsoever!

  5. Carolyn shut the hell up and who asked you anyway? but there are always those who want to jump in on the bandwagon…

  6. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

    Didn’t your parents teach to any better than this? You should not mock the mentally challenged. They cannot help themselves.

    Witness Sen Diane Feinstein’s comment about a “bullet from an AR-15 blowing a body apart” but a bullet fired from a handgun is no big deal, like getting a nail shoved into your body.

    Anyone like to see her volunteer to be a test dummy (literal and figurative) to prove her point?

  7. And brain cells are all I’m asking of anyone running for office. Just saying…

  8. Next, a quote from our sexual-assaulter-in-chief tronald chump: “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  9. Carolyn is suffering from ‘hot take fatigue’. Symptoms include babbling incoherently on critical issues.

  10. Schofield is as dumb as a rock – and so is anyone who votes for her.

  11. ExNunda you are over-the-top insults toward innocent parties are uncalled for.
    I demand you apologize to all rocks immediately!

  12. Crazy Carolyn …
    This is the babbling drivel one would expect from a RINO.

    And speaking of RINO’s, don’t put it past RINO Rauner to
    sign anything into law that his wife tells him to including repealing
    your 2nd Amendment rights and confiscation of your firearms.
    Molon Labe.

    Vote for Liberty, vote for Ives.

  13. Mrs Schofield has obviously not undergone the personal inconvenience of studying an issue before she comments publicly about it.

    Billy Bob obviously has, and he knows that the Second Amendment was included because in the wisdom of the founding fathers they understood that the People must have the means to resist tyranny effectively, or by its own nature, government will always end in tyranny.

    Perhaps Mrs. Schofield might like to research the efficacy of the Death Penalty for multiple homicides at the Federal levels, with expedited appeals and mandatory executions within the memory the crime, if merited.

    The current debate by Mrs. Schofield and her liberal allies is an attempt by the liberals to use a tragedy to attack a group that was almost universal in support of President Trump, and have nothing to do with the tragedy in Florida.

    Perhaps if she does decide to actually do some research, she should reflect on the actions of another Socialist group to use these tactics.

    Krystalnacht Mrs. Schofield?

  14. Carolyn,

    The second amendment is about protecting the citizens from asshole politicians like you, not hunting.

    We need 30 round magazines because there are so many of you dumb fucking libtard dumbocrat soccer moms out there.

    It’s like the “Walking Dead” tv series.

    We have to be prepared in case you come up with another brilliant idea.

    Do you think banning anything will stop what you are banning ?

    How did that work with alcohol, drugs, driving drunk, texting while driving.

    More people are killed with handguns than semi-automatic rifles.

    Reach down and pull real hard to get your head out of your ass.

    If you want my guns, come knock on my door.

    Oh, bring Angel with also.

  15. Ms Schofield is a self-described “community organizer”
    That tells you all you need to know about what motivates her thought processes.

  16. “Community Activist”? What has she ever accomplished with that title?

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