Robin and Carl Mohr Get $2,250 in Miscellaneous Income from Bob Miller – UPDATED

Two names on the payroll documents from Algonquin Township’s Road District have the last name of Mohr.

Don’t know if they are related, but figured I might as well include them both in one post as we wind down the miscellaneous income that former Road Commissioner Bob Miller handed out from the beginning of 2013 and when he left office in mid-2017.

Since Carl Mohr got the most–$1,200–his data will be presented first.

He worked from February, 2013, through May, 2015.

The other Mohr, Robin, accompanying Miller to McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force meetings.

His miscellaneous income  of $1,050 follows:

= = = = =
Since the numbers for Robin Mohr have been challenged, I offer the source documents for the $1,050 figure:


Robin and Carl Mohr Get $2,250 in Miscellaneous Income from Bob Miller – UPDATED — 37 Comments

  1. Are they Siamese twins? Joint check? Even if they were married, something’s wrong with that disbursement!

  2. Cal are you saying Robin Mohr was paid to go to a government meeting? Was that part of his duties as a bus driver?

  3. Seems they didn’t go above and beyond like everyone else did!!! I’d be upset if I was those two.

  4. This explains why Robin is such a vociferous defender of the Millers on Facebook.

    One thing this issue has taught us is…follow the money!

  5. Nob you told us you were a bus driver, was that your title?

  6. Robin Mohr – aka “the nob”

    Your “popcorn” comment in a 1/23 post here and in the NWH the same day gave you up.

    I suppose you’ll be changing your moniker now.

  7. Maybe Cal meant to include a picture of Robin attending the Schofield Township consolidation task force meetings and the statement was to be a caption?

  8. Your question was to Cal, he should answer that observant question.

  9. ac·com·pa·ny

    accompanying (present participle)
    1. go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort:
    “the two sisters were to accompany us to New York” · [more]
    synonyms: go with · travel with · keep someone company · [more]
    2. be present or occur at the same time as (something else):

    The correct answer is #2, I went to the useless consolidation meetings, drove myself and sat in the back.

    Carl’s pay was all from Recycling.

    Mine seems to have some typo’s, no 12/15 500 or 300, should read 12/14 250, 12/15 250, $750 tot.
    Typos happen, fake news also.

  10. I second that swordfish. Now you know why he is so stupidly supporting the Boob family.

  11. C’mon folks

    1)Corruption cases are complex and even though there is the APPEARANCE of misconduct here, there may be an explanation. Stupid? YES, Criminal? Perhaps!

    2) Let’s give state’s attorney Kenneally the benefit of the doubt and let him investigate this properly. Oft times, the investigation of the principal target leads to others who are just as culpable.

    3) Let us hope that should he find no cause to charge Miller, that he details exactly what occurred and why it did not rise to a criminal offense (I doubt anyone can offer an argument that this was not incredibly stupid behavior by Miller (but look at his photo, would you expect anything less?))

    4) If, at the end of the day, Kenneally declinse to prosecute and offers no justification (or, and this is something he has to consider, the Feds come in and prosecute Miller) we can then gather up our pitchforks, tar and rope and lynch him. 😉

    5) if that comes to pass he’ll (Kenneally) be yet one more one term mistake/wonder like McClellan.

  12. JohnWhine? Ignorance of the law is never a defense. I find your post extremely naive.

  13. This is amazing.

    My home country never ceases to humor me. A bunch of people bickering about $1,300 paid out for paint recycling to a 20 something artist.

    Still has nauseatingly conservative as ever

  14. Or spelling or thinking coherently. He seems to be good at making excuses, though(for anyone and anything).

  15. Not something I know a lot about but those gross numbers were taxed so the Misc would be on a W2 not a 1099 Misc, I would think.

    I thought there was talk about 1099’s.

    Are there 2 separate issues?

    Payroll records revealed that McHenry County’s most populous township paid Provenzano, a political insider who at one time earned more than $32 an hour in two Algonquin Township offices, a gross of $7,245.

    About $2,600 of Provenzano’s last paycheck was characterized as a miscellaneous payment and represents two weeks of earnings – the equivalent of 80 hours at about $32.50 an hour. Supervisor Charles Lutzow authorized it as a severance for his former employee.

  17. lol nob. Tap dancing will not exonerate you. Some hookers receive tens of thousands. Some receive nine dollars. That doesn’t make them any less a hooker. They are all hookers!

  18. Nob severance pay is not a bonus. Keep in mind that the board or chuck had the northwest Herald outside before and after his dismissal. Who on earth does that? It’s simply wrong. Nevertheless, the severance payment serves a traditional public purpose.

    Your pay to sit in Political meetings did not. Good luck with that position.

  19. Sickandtired, there was no pay to go to any meetings, you made that up on your own my self serving and bias friend.
    On Facebook Gasser said “I got $2k” and referenced this post, I guess his math is worst than I realized.
    I do appreciate the good laugh I get here every day reading the comments.

  20. Only an idiot would laugh in the face of the dire circumstances they are in.

  21. Mom you exaggerate my position, and keep over looking a important detail.
    I paid my taxes, as did everybody else.

  22. I don’t give a chit about your taxes! I am very angry that fools like you are STEALING from everyone else! You have no integrity! And every other fool that was in on this bribery scheme to rob the citizens are also thieves. The public coffers are not your feeding trough!

  23. was the pay reported on a 1099 to recipient, rather than w2?
    cal will you print a post of all the MISC. pay side by side so we can add up to over/under $20,000
    (threshold for posting projects performed by independent contractors to bid)?

  24. Cindy,
    We will all hold our breath for your outrage of Ryan Provenzano’s Algonquin Severance package.

  25. Maverick? Embezzlement and taking bribes are two different animals. I can forgive embezzlers quicker. Most had a problem and tried to paper it over. They weren’t out to rip anyone off or get a free ride. They were desperate and stupid. Taking bribes from the embezzler is a different story. That is just pure greed at our expense. Feathering your nest at the cost of many families is outrageously unethical especially in view of the really hard times we are all going through. I am sickened by this amoral behavior of so many!

  26. If this was to be so “Under the table” why would there be such clear records in their names?

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