Chuck Wheeler’s Candidacy

Seems I missed posting this announcement of candidacy press release from McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler, so I’ll run it now.

[And, if you are a candidate and have not sent a press release about your candidacy, please do so.]

Wheeler Running for Re-Election

Charles “Chuck” Wheeler announced that he will be seeking re-election to the District 4 McHenry County Board in the upcoming primary election March of 2018.

Chuck Wheeler

Wheeler (R-Dist. 4) has worked tirelessly for the residents of his district in terms of constituency service and keeping his promise to lower taxes and increase transparency.

As a business owner himself, Wheeler has supported job creation in the County by bringing and keeping good paying jobs into McHenry County.

One of Mr. Wheeler notable accomplishments was keeping his 2014 campaign promise of reducing the amount that you pay to the County in property taxes.

He led the battle in the Finance Committee removing the Valley Hi levy from the budget.

With a $40 million balance Wheeler questioned the need for a levy that year and this equation is the way the current board is achieving the cut 10% reduction this year.

“While I consider Valley Hi to be a most valuable component of our community, I feel that we have to be considerate of all taxpayers in the community and keep taxes as low as possible.”

Chuck also led the battle to reducing long term standing eye-sores in the community namely the 2811 Mytang property.

Wheeler worked with the County Department of Community Development and the States Attorney’s office in getting this property condemned and eventually oversaw the actual demolition of this unsafe and unsightly property.

“It was a long slow process and the residents were patient but in the long run the desired result was achieved!”

Wheeler provides a balance on the board by voting against the patronage hires which were added to County roles during the holiday season.

Wheeler stated, “If we go down this road we will eventually be in the same rut as Chicago and downstate.

“Hiring has to be transparent and fair to all residents and existing employees of the County.

While this measure failed by a vote of 14 to 10, Wheeler stated that he wants to remain there to provide a balanced alternate view of things in the County.

Chuck Wheeler currently serves as Chairman of the Public Health and Human Services committee on the County Board and is a member of the Finance Committee and the Senior Services Grant Commission.

He lives in the City of McHenry and runs an Insurance Agency in McHenry as well.


Chuck Wheeler’s Candidacy — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a first time poster.

    Wheeler is the real deal! He’s running against Pammy Althoff, who is a rotten candy-a$$ RINO and Hillary-backer who accomplished absolutely nothing during her long and totally undeserved time in the Illinois Senate, except take up space.

    The Althoff family she married into, want nothing to do with her, and for good reason!

    And her sock puppet, Steve Bellmore, is nothing but a democrat and school board president who never saw a tax hike he didn’t vote for.

    As an old Lakemoor resident, people should know that after a wild party, Steve Bellmore, at the time a Lakemoor Trustee, shot up the town, and somehow got the cops to cover it all up. But a small group of people got it exposed and the Lakemoor Police Sgt involved in the coverup got fired>

    Steve Bellmore never lists his ‘service’ as Lakemoor Trustee on any official forms. He wants that part of his history under the rug.

    But here’s part of the story:

    Dicklin was fired from the Lakemoor department March 6 after he allegedly falsified reports and withheld information about the firing of a handgun by Village Trustee Steve Bellmore into a marshland behind the home of Ed Farschi shortly after a charity golf outing on Oct. 5, 1996.

  2. The investigation into Dicklin’s alleged misbehavior began shortly after an Oct. 5 charity golf outing. At the event, Trustee Steve Bellmore allegedly fired a handgun into the marshland behind the home of Lakemoor resident Ed Farschi in the presence of Dicklin, Farschi and Police Officer Keith Albert.

    Lakemoor Police Officer Gary Spoerry responded to the scene after a neighbor called police to report gunshots.

    Friday night’s vote supported the view of Police Chief Ted Bracke that Dicklin had falsified reports, withheld information and failed to inform his boss about the incident in a timely manner.

  3. Another school board gnome!

    Who needs that? Bullet vote for Wheeler

  4. So here is one for you Cal!

    If all the school board members that are running and win there will be at least 5 former school board members on the County Board!

    School Boards have shown over time to be the worst at managing money!

    Here is the list! Mike Skala, Chris Christensen, Chris Spoerl, Leslie Melendy, Steve Bellmore.

    I can say that they all voted for 3-5% raises for those teachers every year.

    That makes them not fiscally responsible! Quit voting for these people!

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