Miscellaneous Income of $6,353.13 from Bob Miller’s Algonquin Township Road District for Daniel Morrison – Update

I see that the wrong column on the spreadsheet was entered in the original March 1st article for the miscellaneous income for Daniel Morrison.  I somehow put the column for Kevin Fitzgerald under Morrison’s name.

The miscellaneous income for Morrison follows:

Daniel Morrison  
Dates Dollars
1-2/13 $250
3-4/13 200
4-5/13 200
5-6/13 200
6-7/13 150
7/13 150
8/13 300
8-9/13 150
9-10/13 100
10-11/13 150
11/13 500
11-12/13 500
3-4/14 250
4-5/14 150
5-6/14 150
6-7/14 150
7/14 150
8-9/14 150
9-10/14 150
11/14 500
12/14 250
3-4/15 103
4/15 100
4-5/15 150
5-6/15 150
6-7/15 150
7/15 150
3-4/17 250
4-5/17 550
TOTAL $6,353

During the fifty-four and a half months preceding when Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller left office $244,875.63 in miscellaneous income handed out to Highway Department employees.

Bob Miller makes point at McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force meeting.

Daniel Morrison was on the low end of the recipient, getting $6,353.13 even though he worked the entire time for which a Freedom of Information request provided data, which can be seen above.

= = = = =
The misidentified payments attributed to Daniel Morrison have been removed.


Miscellaneous Income of $6,353.13 from Bob Miller’s Algonquin Township Road District for Daniel Morrison – Update — 23 Comments

  1. Where’s the outrage on Ryan Provenano Cal? Are you going to post about that?

  2. Cal did ya file the FOIA so we can see how much Andrew has handed out in Misc Pay since he took over?

  3. Nob: You still haven’t answered the question what exactly did you do for the misc pay you received? Are you just like Karen Lukasik given bonuses for driving a bus really good?

  4. I really think is county is messed up.

    Cal the New Direction group wasn’t waiting for the county to amend any rules they open the house and have a sweet deal from the McHenry County Mental Health Board.

    I think you need to FOIA the contact they enter into

  5. So how could Daniel get miscellaneous pay from 2015-2017 under Bob Miller when he wasn’t employed until March of 2017

    I know I’ve worked there for 10 years

  6. I did, but have not had time to process it.

    The payroll statements from 2013 through May 15, 2017 were about 550 pages with three or four pay periods on each.

    Took days.

  7. You ask How could Daniel get Miscellaneous pay when he wasn’t employed there until March 2017? Seriously? Bob willed it! If you read this blog, you should know by now what’s been going on.

  8. Look at Grafton Township miscellaneous pay. They follow Bob Miller’s example historically.

  9. I should have said
    Is it me or do all the same political hack jobs always post here.

  10. Thanks for keeping tabs on things Cal. Looking forward to what Gasser has paid in misc since he took office through us, the voters.

  11. Nob himself doesn’t even know why he got extra misc pay. That should tell you more than anything

  12. What about the current Highway Cimmissioner? How much has he given out?

  13. This “misc pay” is what really irks the taxpayers Its just another way of mishandling money and shows no accountability

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