Orville Brettman Emails for County Board

An email from Orville Brettman to prospective constituents in McHenry County Board District 6:

Subject: Brettman offers true conservative choice .

Orville Brettman

The good news: Brettman offers true conservative choice for 6th District County Board voters

The bad news: there are two Franks-Democrat surrogates on the ballot posing as Republicans

If you’re hoping there’s at least one true Republican on the ballot for the McHenry County Board in the 6th District, we have good news.

There is – Orville Brettman.

Orville is a dyed-in-the-wool, no-nonsense conservative who not only talks conservative but backs it up with consistent conservative action.

Did you know that Orville worked on the Barry Goldwater campaign when Orville was only 16?

From that time to now, Orville Brettman has proven a strict adherent to the GOP platform.

That’s very good news and comforting for those who are tired of Rauner-ish, wishy-washy candidates who claim conservatism just as long as it takes to get elected.

Unfortunately, you’ll find those ‘other’ candidates on the ballot March 20, too.

You’ll find the names Michelle Aavang and Larry Smith on your ballet when you go to vote in the Republican primary but don’t be fooled by these posers.

In 2016, Smith distributed petitions for John Reinert, a County Board lacky of Jack Franks who now wants to play lapdog for Michael Madigan in Springfield.

However, 30% of the signatures Smith claimed to have collected were ruled fabrications.



Call it what you will, they were fake and that’s not the conservative way of doing business. That’s the way the Left does business – achieve your goals by any means.

Smith and Aavang had a chance to take a stand for right-over-wrong conservatism when Jack Franks introduced Chicago-style patronage hiring of Democrat bureaucrats to the McHenry County Board.

Not only did they fall in step with the Democrat but, par for the course, they also stayed home and abrogated their responsibility when Republicans on the County Board held a special meeting to stop Franks’ patronage hires of his friends and supporters.

Clearly, Franks can count on them.

Too bad we can’t.

Aavang has actually raised funds for Jack Franks.

How can she claim she’s a Republican when she’s openly supporting Democrats?

Is it any wonder Aavang and Smith look to Franks for their marching orders?

Thankfully, with Orville Brettman on the ballot you don’t have to worry about electing a secret Democrat.

Orville is a true conservative choice for the 6th District when you go to the polls March 20.


Orville Brettman Emails for County Board — 13 Comments

  1. The racist legion of justice strikes back. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I am surprised Orville didn’t take the opportunity in his letter to list each of his conservative positions on County Board matters.

    I would really like to hear a point by point announcement of his conservative values and it would set him apart from the County Board Proposal positions of the other side.

    Hope he does that next time.

    I don’t know how Barry Goldwater would position himself on the County Board so that attribution doesn’t work.

  3. Brettman prevented raw sew sewage from entering the Fox River. A local ESL teacher (says he is) just spews forth his raw verbal sewage incessantly.

    Brettman was instrumental in getting a telescope placed aboard the Space Station.

    The local ESL teacher mentioned, appears to reside outside the space station – oxygen deprivation can have strange results.

  4. I know how his opponent incumbents vote and what they offer is nothing!

    Good point tho. ‘Watching’

    He could definitely do that.

  5. This mailer will resonate with the McHebry Counry Blog, but casual voters won’t know what he’s talking about.

    Hiring of staff, special meetings, they don’t care – are your taxes lower because of the current board?


    Brettman is taking a Trumpian stance when bellicose rhetoric is going out the window.

    I hope he keeps it up – he will assuredly lose.

  6. If you want bellicose verbiage, look at the hit piece mailed with a union bug.

  7. Spotlight, right, the casual voter may not care about 1/2 this stuff.

    Wrong on ‘the taxes were lowered.

    Just an abatement and Would have happened with or without a change in board.

    Skala even said it’s unsustainable and taxes will go back up.

  8. I’ve known Orv for many years, he has my vote, he will not spend money foolishly and will know what he is voting on each meeting.

    He will work hard, doesn’t need a pension as he already has one.

  9. And I know he’ll go against the grain to do what’s right. (as he has in the past)

    He’s got my vote!

  10. That’s good russville, with your vote and your other three friends votes means Brettman will have a Whoppimg 4 votes.

  11. Orv has my vote also!!

    He will give some push back to and overreaching broad chairman for Dist. 6.

  12. Looks like stoplight was caught up in fake flyers about reducing taxes.

    Not aware of any people whose real estate taxes went down.

    Brettman has my vote.

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