Tiffany Davis Sends Letter in Campaign for Full-Term as Judge — 5 Comments

  1. I thought she would spend more time about how her and her current husband (Dan Regna) met, or why she left the State’s Attorneys office in McHenry County.

    She worked all that time for Gary Pack, why no “endorsement.”

    Why no endorsement from her husband, who I believe ran for State’s Attorney against Kennealy.

    Lastly, I thought it was interesting that she wanted to talk about her sister being a victim, rather than talk more about judicial philosophy.

    She will make an interesting judge.

  2. Also, why would she leave McHenry County as a senior states attorney, only to go to Winnebago to “climb up the ranks” from traffic court?

  3. Having had the chance to be in her traffic courtroom prior to her moving up to Divorce and Orders of Protection court (got a ticket in Bulls__t Valley), i found her to be fair and even handed in dealing with all of the “clients” who came to court; I saw no reason to not vote for her to retain her job as a Circuit Court Judge.

    To be even handed here, I have no problem with Associate Judge Joel Berg either; I’m saying that I found no reason to replace her with Judge Berg.

  4. LOL!

    If she got an “endorsement” from her husband, just how much weight do you think it would carry.

    You fools would be ridiculing her.

    As for Pack?

    An endorsement from him would be the kiss of death – almost as bad as one from the County Board Chairman and King of the World.

    As for why she left. . .

    Consider what I just said about Pack and draw your own conclusions.

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