McSweeney Disses Rauner

Bruce Rauner and David McSweeney at Irene Napier’s Pro-Life Pig Roast in 2013.

From State Rep. David McSweeney’s Twitter feed:

Failed Governor Bruce Rauner, the Worst Republican Governor in America, thinks that he’s going a great job.

“Asked in a recent interview if, in hindsight, he would do anything differently in his first term, he paused for half a beat to consider.’Hmm, no,’ he said.”


McSweeney Disses Rauner — 7 Comments

  1. In truth and reality, RINO Rauner is neither a Conservative nor a Republican
    which is what he represented himself to be.

    His actions prove otherwise, and this is why we MUST vote for Ives.

  2. bow and scrape, I meant.

    ‘boy and scrape’ is, however, how one shows obeisance to Mayors Sager and Emanuel.

  3. Rahm’s buddy RINO Rauner dissed the citizens of Illinois and what’s worse is
    his Lefty wife tells him what he MUST do.

    Vote for Liberty, vote for Ives on 3/20.

  4. Rauner’s surrogate Brady got roasted at the Saturday morning Palatine Township Republican meeting.

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