Anonymous Attack on Judge Robert Wilbrandt

People without the courage to use their own names have mailed the following hit piece against appointed Judge Robert Wilbrandt.

Look carefully and you will see some group called “McHenry County Judicial Ethics” claims credit for the mailing.

You will not be surprised to know that the Political Action Committee has not registered with the State Board of Elections.


Anonymous Attack on Judge Robert Wilbrandt — 44 Comments

  1. What trash.

    This looks like something my senile grandpa would type – especially since the writer obviously doesn’t know there are fonts out there besides Times New Roman.

    Keep your mud-flinging and computer skills back in 1995 (and hope Y2K doesn’t turn out to be a thing).

  2. Bob Wilbrandt has lived in Crystal lake and McHenry County his entire life, he has taught at MCC for more than 20 years, active in the Woodstock Opera House, his church and many other activities in and around. He is not a vet and never claimed to be.

    The “hit piece” is disgraceful.

  3. Jim

    Why not have Judge Wilbrandt deny these allegations.

    Don’t you think he should respond to this piece?

  4. Being overturned on appeal is not a sign of a “bad judge.”

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot.

    Again, I wonder, why is this judgeship so so so important that people are sinking to this level?

    Have we ever had a cutthroat judge election in McHenry County?

  5. In Wilbrandt’s 10 or more years as a Judge he has presided over thousands of cases, my bet is that he has been reversed more than once, which would be true of any Judge all the way up to the US Supreme Court!

    It should be noted that none of Wilbrsndt’s opponents have ever been reversed because none of his opponents have ever experienced being a Judge!

  6. Observing—-maybe you should take a look at the poll of over 200 lawyers that have appeared before Wilbrandt for many years.

    Throw out the top and bottom 10% of the responses and the results are very conclusive.

    Talk to non-lawyers that have known him for years, his reputation in the community is beyond reproach.

  7. Give the other candidates 11 years as a judge and see how many reversals happen.

    There is ALWAYS someone coming out of court unhappy.

    There is always a loosing side.

    Same will happen with anyone that wins this race.

    In their legal experience, have any of them had a problem or lost a case???

    Perfection does not exist.

  8. Jim I see you pointed to lawyer poll.

    Please explain why the three judges recieved poor marks on that poll before they were judged?

    Is it possible most lawyers want to suck up to the judges?

  9. Frank, that is true.

    Davis (in the other judges race) got a much lower score before she was a sitting judge, than she did this time. That’s absolutely true BUT I’ve never seen someone get the low score that McClellan got. She has failed in every category and it’s clear she is not wanted by her peers.

    10% out of 100% is the worst I’ve ever heard of. Everyone else’s scores should not sound alarms or have you admiring them (the higher ones being incumbents) They’re sending up a warning to everyone on that one!

  10. The issue of reversal of a judge is not the fact of reversal.

    Good judges get reversed, and good judges take it in stride as part of the job.

    Appellate courts don’t exist because judges are bad, but because the law changes, the law is complex, trials are often conducted in highly pressurized circumstances, and judges are humans who can make honest mistakes.

    Judge Wilbrandt being reversed does not mean he is a bad judge.

    The point of the Daebel opinion is not that the case was reversed, its the reasons for reversal, and the commentary on the conduct of the trial.

    You have to read the appellate opinion for yourself and decide whether what is said there matters for you as a voter.

    If you want to read it, it is here:

    The same point is made by the article about the traffic case.

    It was just a traffic case, with a litigant making a claim that a seatbelt was off momentarily because her daughter dropped something.

    That is something a judge can believe or not believe, and that sort of thing happens every day in courtrooms.

    The issue there was how the litigant was treated by the court.

    That was the point of the article, which you can read and form your own opinion.

    The article is here:

  11. Note the misspelling of the word temperament in the mailer (they spelled it “temperment”).

    Check the other candidates websites to see who has the same spelling error.

  12. Very good catch, Michael.

    Google that misspelling with mchenry and the hit you get is…..back to a comment on this blog from Cecile Willis on 12.9.17..

  13. The race between Demetri and Cowlin was pretty nasty, but not like this.

  14. Michael has a point. Billy Bob too.

    Consider the source of this “hit piece”.

  15. Billy Bob, you had me excited, but she spells it correctly in the title, and I could not see the word elsewhere.

    Where is the misspelling “temperament” on her page?

  16. She or her webmaster must have just fixed it.

    I have a window open on my phone browser in which the headline is misspelled ‘temperment’.

    It looks as if someone in her campaign follows this blog.

  17. Temperament was misspelled as temperment
    the typo ‘means-spiritedness’ should be ‘mean-spiritedness’

    All McClellan had to do was copy and paste from the Herald Letter to the Editor and she couldn’t do that right!

    PEOPLE, what do you expect from a thug democrat who calls the Gubernatorial Race “The Goober National Race?” in a public board meeting, no less!

    She’s a stupid Democrat from Crook County (working closely with Franks-D) and is running as a Republican.

    They call her ‘McCLUSTERFUKC for a reason! (see how I misspelled that one on purpose to further mock her idiocy and illiteracy?)

  18. Wow talk about a photoshop job! LOL Thanks for capturing Billy Bob. I screenshot it too. What a disaster she is.
    Wilbrandt has baggage but I’m not buying this stolen valor accusation until someone has the conscience to come forward and tell their story, not an anonymous accusation from his opponent who can’t run on her own record….because she sucks!
    We KNOW what McCluster has done. We have documents and some are caught on recordings, and now these hit pieces and who she’s connected with. This “Lawyer” doesn’t even know the law (or she thinks the law doesn’t pertain to her.) She would lower the bar of our the County’s Court system.

  19. I noticed the misspelling on her website months ago, and it was one of the things that turned me off about her candidacy.

    If she can’t spell “temperament” correctly on her own website, and didn’t even bother to spell check it, what does that say about her intellectual capacity?

    Yes, it’s just spelling, but we want and need judges to be intellectual giants, and her failure to notice it or correct it speaks volumes about her intellect, in my opinion.

  20. The Daebel case was about a judge not listening.

    The traffic case was about a judge who didn’t know how to run a court.

    It’s funny that people want to ignore obvious objective information about a judge, because …. reasons.

    I absolutely love this race, we are going to elect who we deserve!

    Go Demitri!

  21. The exact same misspelling on the anonymous hit piece on Wilbrandt could be a total coincidence, or it could be something else.

    The fact that it was just corrected on her campaign web page sure is interesting, though.

  22. I don’t think the spelling is the point, Billy Bob.

    Who uses a word like that?

    What are the chances two different entities decided that was THE word to use on a website AND a hit piece?

    Do you believe in coincidence?

  23. Temperament is one of the categories in the ISBA advisory poll of judicial candidates.

    The fact that is was misspelled in exactly the same way in both places is what looks suspicious to me.

    That, and the fact that the misspelling was corrected on MM’s campaign page shortly after Michael pointed it out here.

  24. Hahah so she’s watching this blog very closely. (during business hours no less)

    That’s okay it’s been screenshot and archived for all to see her stupidity. “Goober National Election!” LMAO

  25. Billy Bob? And who exactly introduced such an archaic word into the ISBA advisory? Keep looking. You are hot on the trail.

  26. This is how her page looks now:

    Here is a cache of how her page looked on 2/9/18:

    Notice that in the cached version, temperament is misspelled ‘temperment’, the same way it was misspelled in the hit piece.

    I have a pdf copy of the webpage from earlier today, that I took from my phone, that shows that it was still misspelled. I will e-mail it to you, but it’s pretty much the same as the cached version.

  27. Sounds like who ever did this hit piece specifically used the Word and then
    Copied it to make it look like it was McClellan.

    Who else’s would go through that much trouble toahowir someone else.

    I heard Demetri did this or at least his minions

  28. @Jason You are laughable!

    Trying to pawn off McClellan’s work! You are an idiot!

    Wilbrandt went after McClellan now McClellan trying to fight back is pretty evident!

    Oh I heard it was McClellan or at least one of hers or Jacks minions!

  29. Willbrandt is an actor, and not a particularly good one.

    In other stories he was a colonel, in others a naval commander.

    He’s a real Walter Mitty in robes!

  30. To the Editor:

    I have known Judge Robert Wilbrandt for many years, going back to my time in the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office when he worked as a Public Defender.

    When Robert Wilbrandt first became a judge, he sometimes ruled in my favor, and sometimes he did not, but always in a fair manner.

    He has made mistakes, and so have I.

    Through the years I believe that he has always listened to both sides of a case, and he has done his best to rule in an impartial and reasoned manner.

    Those qualities are important, and that is why I support him for Circuit Judge of McHenry County.

    Wesley R. Pribla
    Attorney at Law

  31. Ok read up people because I am PISSED OFF right now about a case this judge is supposed to set trial for a case of felony 1 and 4 charges against scott keeton a wife and child abusive POS.He is scheduled again for court tomorrow DEc 5 at 9am. He recently smashed his wifes head in between the door and jam, gave her so many stitches and staples a day later AFTER he let her get medical help. She of course lied to the doctors and friends and family about incident. he was,and has never been held accountable for his actions, YET. I have called the police I have called to leave a msg for Collins,with the clerks reply of “call the police”. This not human or man needs to be held accountable for years of criminal activity. I speak from experience and prison time myself for a dui. What is wrong with these McHenry County JUdges. What if this was their daughter,niece or,cousin?

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