Duplicate Precinct Change Mailings by McClellan

It is unknown why Mary McClellan put her photo on this 2016 ad.

Got a phone call from a disturbed taxpayer today who said he had received not one, but two notices from McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan informing him of a change in his polling place.

Here’s a sticker from the Northwest Herald with Mary McClellan’s name on it.

Apparently not a supporter of McClellan for Circuit Court Judge, he noted that McClellan had her name on both sides of both notices.

Still another vote sticker with McHenry County ‘Clerk Mary McClellan’s name on it.  At least on this one her name is smaller than the name of her office.

“It has Mary McClellan’s name on front and back after ‘Important Notice to Voters.’

“She is using the office every way she can, plus 3,” he continued.

“Maybe I’ll get another notice.

“There’s two weeks left.”


Duplicate Precinct Change Mailings by McClellan — 9 Comments

  1. That’s nothing. I got that PLUS FOUR voter information cards. I did NOT need any. I still have mine in my wallet from many years ago. Now that I can no longer vote because the whole system is rigged; they could have saved me a lot of my money by NOT printing and mailing all of this trash! She’s an incompetent spendthrift. Good thing she’s not running for clerk again.

  2. Thank God someone’s out there concerned about the voters, with our money.

  3. Is being sent two notices excessive?

    Things occasionally get lost in the mail.

    Voting is also kind of a big deal.

    If she sent out one notice, people would complain she isn’t doing enough to let them know of the changes.

  4. McCluster’s use of the clerks office is beyond transparent.

    Who is she kidding?

  5. Remember the voters approved the public sector pension guarantee.

    The voters elected the current County board chairman.

    The voters created the transportation ‘lock box’.

    The voters elected Althoff, again and again and again.

    The voters approve bond after bond after bond and then vote for tax increases when the bond expires.

    The voters will elect McClellan unless everyone who visits this blog goes to:


    read what is there and educate your fellow voters.

  6. If Mary signs up a union deal like Bob Miller did, how much of our tax dollars are at risk

  7. Don’t the pictures show that McClellan does this every year since the stickers are from last year and three years ago?

    Not just this year that she is running for office.

    There are plenty of reasons I won’t vote for McClellan but this isn’t one of them.

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