Rauner Has People Calling and Knocking on Doors

Governor Bruce Rauner is spending a part of his millions gathering information concerning what issue is most important to local voters.

The weekend before last I received a call from someone saying he was “a volunteer” for Bruce Rauner.

Working out of a Vernon Hills call center, he asked what issue was tops on my list.

“Property taxes” was my reply.

Then Monday, a Crystal Lake resident told me a good looking young woman knocked on his door asking pretty much the same question.

He gave an answer similar to my own and asked if she had entered in on a app in her phone.

The solicitor seems surprised that he would make the suggestion, but agreed that was what she had done.

Turns out she was working for a company hired by the Rauner Campaign.


Rauner Has People Calling and Knocking on Doors — 9 Comments

  1. Had a visit from the Rauner group today also.

    Saw him in the driveway entering the info on his phone which would indicate votes in our house are going for Ives.

    He said Ives has no chance against Pritzger – he could not even pronounce the name.

    Response was, neither would Rauner.

    He asked why not Rauner?

    Response: He lied about the veto for HB0040 and signed the Trust Act after refusing to meet with victims of illegal alien crimes.

  2. Thank you Connect the dots . . . Rauner asking questions now, he won’t have time to blame anyone before the Primary.

    He must be feeling desperate.

    Jeanne Ives can bet Pritzger.

  3. I had one come to the door, and I said exactly same thing Cal.

    Property Taxes

  4. I’d answer ‘the issue that tops my list is replacing our Governor’

  5. I cannot wait for one of those fools to show up
    at my humble abode so I can give him/her a verbal
    spanking they will never forget.

    This will be my reply, just to start off: Rauner is a LYING RINO who cannot be trusted.

    Further, his wife keeps his balls in her purse.

  6. When I got the phone call a few days ago, out of the box I told the young man exactly what was wrong with Rauner included the two points Honest mentioned. Peppered with “he’s out of there” statements, I gave the young man an ear full. When I finally wound down, I asked him what did he want to ask me. He quietly replied, “I think you’ve answered all my questions.”

  7. Rauner appears to be a Democrat what with his stand on illegal aliens being given sanctuary in the State of Illinois along with the Chicago Mayor. When will the U.S. Justice Department issue charges against politicians such as the mayor and governor in our State as well as politicians in Democrat controlled cities around our Nation?

  8. bred? His wife is a liberal progressive. I think he still wants to live in her house.

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