McClellan Mails

Below is what would fit on my scanner of the big post card that was delivered to the Skinner household today from Mary McClellan.

McClellan stresses her integrity in the headline on the front of the piece and doubles down on the back with the word “Honest.”


McClellan Mails — 14 Comments

  1. And a vote for her carry’s minimal risk of cancer!

    Unless your a male lab rat.

  2. Her grasp of the English language is questionable as displayed by everything she has posted while clerk.

    Now we get “honest / unbiased / ethical” when in fact the TRUTH is dishonest / biased / unethical.

  3. What is really scary is that she has custody of the ballots already voted.

    Why is that scary? She has already been sanctioned!!

    “Mary McClellan, an assistant state’s attorney who represented the office for a portion of the case, was also sanctioned by Grady for “recklessly adhering to the position” in court that the misdemeanor case files did not exist.”

  4. Everything about her is for sale!

    The truth is she is UNethical.

    She’d sell her kid for a buck!

    And she can take off the crucifix no one’s buying the Catholic reference.

  5. It should read:

    ‘In short Typhoid-Mary McClusterfuck will bring the McHenry County judicial system down so low a snake couldn’t limbo under that low of a bar.’

  6. We just refer to her as 10%. 10% out of a 100 by the bar assoc. is such a miserable FAILURE.

    At least Wilbrandt’s mailer was based in truth. Hers is based on her self-inflated image and has nothing to do with reality!
    Unlike the attack ads that went out on Ersel, Orv and Joe, this blog and this site has truth and documentation about this dangerous candidate, see https//

  7. ‘In the words of a great man

    Can’t sell what you never had’

  8. So. Many. Words.

    Folks – no one reads all those words. Use fewer words. You won’t regret it.

  9. She’s an arrogant failure.

    But if she screws with the election, she will be the one screwed!

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