Commenter’s Take on Some County Board NWH Interviews

Camp Lake spent time listening to Northwest Herald interviews of some running for the McHenry County Board in the Republican Primary Election.

Here are his/her reactions:

Listening to the NWHerald interview:

*Ersel [Schuster] is honest in that the tax decrease was just smoke and mirrors, Only an abatement.

Just Temporary.She’s is a supporter of following the rules and law.

She’s also for transparency.

She’s willing to stand up fight, lead, do what’s right.

Not just go along.

She’s principled and can’t be worn down or pushed around.

Spoke from the heart about troubling issues and processes plaguing our county.

Larry Smith

*Larry [Smith] actually admitted the tax cut he touted on his campaign literature was really just temporary abatement.

Says he’s open but never speaks at board mtgs.

He’s probably a nice guy, a decent neighbor but he’s not an effective leader or board member.

Easily led by the nose.

Had to read word for word his closing statement.

no heart there.

Then he goes back on the abatement and tries to sell it as a tax cut.

Make up your mind Larry!

Not very transparent/honest.

Lesli Melendy, Photo credit:  Candidate’s Facebook.

*[Lesli] Melendi was on the school board in Huntley and says she voted against raising taxes but immediately goes into increasing infrastructure.

Sorry Lesli you can’t increase infrastructure and not raise taxes without cutting programs, budget, spending!

You failed to mention how you would make that work!

Melendi works for McConnaughay who wrote the bill to give the Couty board chairman more power.

So you can guarantee she’s going to be a shill for him and his spending more and taking more.

Forget the board rules.

Franks has a shill in her current boss and when the bill didn’t pass, they decided to send in her asst to run on the board.

“fresh perspective isn’t what we need as much as we need honesty, experience in cost cutting and experience in how the board works and someone willing to stick to the board’s rules. .

Michael Rein

*[Michael] Rein is on the right track and has been instrumental and successful in cutting spending on the county’s employee healthcare costs saving over 1.2 M per year!!!

He explained that partisan politics resides within his own party.

Republicans call themselves Republican and don’t even respect their own platform.

He calls for transparency and open debate.

He’s got you all beat.

He’s a fighter but he’s not combative or a grandstander.

Does what’s right.

Proven actual tax fighter.

Pam Althoff

*[Pam] Althoff should adhere to her term limit and not run again for more positions.

We have enough RINOs on the board.

she’d be just 1 more.

She will be there to fulfill Franks agenda to hand this county over to Madigan.

She couldn’t make a real positive change in Springfield.

She had her chance and only succeeded in being a typical bs politician

I’m going to see if the 4 others are on another interview.


Commenter’s Take on Some County Board NWH Interviews — 9 Comments

  1. Althoff looking for the pension trifecta.

    I wonder how much staff she’ll need to read and know what she’s voting on when she doesn’t understand it.

    Just retire Pammy you’ve done enough for “us”

  2. “I’m Klaatu Barada Nikto, and I approve this message…” Guess the identity…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  3. New County Board members do not received pensions.

    Franks and Althoff sponsored the law.

  4. Althoff is against the Second Amendment. That’s all I need to know.

  5. She puts up Jack Franks signs and backed RINO-ert.

    That was all I needed to know.

  6. What part of the second amendment is Senator Althoff against?

    The well regulated part, the militia part or the right to bear arms?

    I never heard her denounce the second amendment?

  7. Kay_Passa, being in favor of sensible gun laws is not equivalent to being against the Second Amendment.

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