McHenry County Salaries – An-Ba

Here are more total compensation totals for McHenry County employees.

The figures include fringe benefits, such as health care.

Included are health benefits, clothing allowance, sick and vacation pay.

Anthony,Thomas R Permit Technician $61,957.74
Arndt,Jennifer L Court/Courtroom Spec I $47,469.24
Asplund,Jennifer L Deputy – Union $115,051.60
Asplund,Michelle M Detective – Union $113,038.48
Austin,Peter B County Administrator ** $215,950.20
Avers,Derrick C Probation Off II $41,359.50
Avila,Gilberto Custodian II $44,407.74
Ayers,Charles David Transportation Spec $12,314.90
Azeem,Anwar S Water Resource Engineer $64,972.14
Bachman,David M Deputy – Union $87,247.00
Bacon,Roger A. Chief Managing Probation Off $107,274.70
Bagby,Sharon L Board of Review Mbr $30,765.28
Bak,Alana M Social Services Case Manager $59,594.30
Baker,Jordan S Recording Spec I $25,720.50
Baker,Kenneth D Township Engineer $80,813.22
Balchunas,Brittney J Registry – RN $18,720.00
Ballstaedt,Toni R Internal Auditor $68,895.28
Banuelos,Vicente Radio Dispchr – Union $57,335.80
Banville,Christa S Certified Nursing Asst I $22,971.00
Barajas,Ruth L Custodian I $33,703.80
Barnes,Yvonne M. County Board Member $39,726.18
Barrett,Deborah T Mapping Technician II $66,686.82
Barrett,Linda R. Activity Coordinator $53,903.22
Barrett,Patricia A Office Assistant I $29,086.14
Bartlett,Lynn M. Office Assistant II $59,311.92
Bartoszewski,Raymond W Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00


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