Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence’s Precinct Letter

Here is an election letter from Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence.  She sent it to Algonquin 3, where she serves as an appointed GOP Precinct Committeeman as well as to Algonquin 21 where she is running unopposed for the position.


Rachael Lawrence

Algonquin Township Republican Precinct Committeeman |

March 10th, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

The Republican primary election is rapidly approaching on March 20th, and early voting is already underway!

As a committee member of the Algonquin Township Republican Party, it’s my job to research all candidates, provide information, and make recommendations based upon who I believe are most qualified, capable, and best represent our Republican values.

With all the negative ads, it can take time and research to determine fact from fiction.

After much research and deliberation, here are my recommendations of who deserves your voting consideration and why:

JEANNE IVES— for Governor: A Representative in the Illinois House, West Point grad, mother to five, and conservative, she has proven herself an incredibly intelligent and insightful legislator. Not only are the attacks against her demonstrably false, she has proven that she is more capable than Rauner of battling the Madigan machine. I endorse her because of her background in economics (she also refused pension), and her respect for the rule of law, servicemembers, as well as the unborn. Her strong backbone and incorruptible nature will serve the Illinois people best, not only as Governor, but the first female Governor of Illinois.

GARY GRASSO— for Attorney General: A DuPage County Board Member, former Mayor, experienced litigation attorney for 39 years, and firm corruption-fighter, he has proven he is clearly more qualified than his opponent in both public service as well as legal ability. This position in particular requires a tenacious personality with the courage to take on our state’s corruption without any hesitancy. His opponent has never held any public office, is not even a practicing attorney, and was witnessed saying she’d choose an abusive heterosexual couple over a caring homosexual couple for foster-care placement. The contrast in candidates is clear. Grasso is best for combating Illinois’s corruption.

JOE TIRIO—for County Clerk: Currently the County Recorder and local business owner, Joe Tirio has been lauded by both sides of the aisle for campaigning on—and keeping—his promises. Not only did he lead the effort to merge the Recorder and Clerk’s offices, he even reduced costs and increased efficiency during his tenure. In contrast, his opponent filed for bankruptcy the very same day she filed her candidacy due to video gaming losses; court documents reflect that she also “misappropriated” money that did not belong to her. This is an obvious choice.

DEMETRI PETE TSILIMIGRAS—Judge, 22nd Judicial Circuit: As a 20-year Assistant State’s Attorney in multiple counties and two states, Adjunct Professor at McHenry County College, and original member of the task force creating programs which revolutionized the legal system for deserving, nonviolent first-offenders here in McHenry County, Demetri’s legal expertise is unparalleled. He is the only candidate who achieved Capital Litigation Certification in his career. His three opponents include a federally-sanctioned non-practicing attorney, a sitting judge who was un-elected (appointed), and a local DUI attorney who appears to boast on his webpage about escaping consequences for his clients’ DUI, domestic violence, and traffic-related charges. In researching all of the candidates thoroughly, I formed the opinion that, not only is Demetri the candidate with the largest breadth of legal experience, he also possesses the highest moral character—which is vital for any Judge. I am so thoroughly convinced of Demetri’s exemplary ethics, I even volunteered for his campaign in order to help ensure an honest, ethical, and fair McHenry County Judiciary.


Referendums on everyone’s ballot in McHenry County.

Although this is an advisory, or “non-binding” referendum, voting YES will still send a clear message to the school districts (which account for roughly 70% of our annual property tax bills) that we demand more efficient use of our tax-dollars.

This is a BINDING referendum, which, when passed, will merge the offices of County Recorder and Clerk. Joe Tirio led the effort to consolidate, which will increase efficiency and reduce costs. Voting YES will merge the offices effective December, 2020.

If you need help locating your polling place, gathering more information about any candidate, or simply would like to become more involved with the Republican Party, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence’s Precinct Letter — 18 Comments

  1. Erika Harold , who is Gary Grasso’s opponent in the primary election, is a graduate of Harvard Law School and is listed as an attorney at the Champaign County Law firm of Mayer, Capel.

    I have no dog in this fight and have no idea who I am going to vote for, but Rachael Lawrence really shouldn’t dismiss Ms Harold as some unqualified nobody.

  2. Also available in full-page format at:

    Billy Bob: You are right in that Harold is not a “nobody.” She has many accomplishments of which to be proud, even if I don’t think she’s the best choice for AG. Take these endorsements for what they are: one Republican Precinct Committeeman’s analysis/opinion.

  3. And Tsilimigras won’t have 20 years as an attorney in Illinois until May 2019. How about telling us about all the trials he’s had here in McHenry County, just a couple of felony matters he has tried. The attorneys with whom I’ve spoken to haven’t seen him nor have any of the judges

  4. JohnWhine: The legal system is designed to promote settlement and compromise. As such 99% of civil cases never get to trial. Trial is a skill but not an end all. Most trials are on the criminal side of things. Since Demetri is now on the civil side of the states attorney’s office it’s unlikely we will see him try anything anytime soon. As such being a judge has less to do with trials and more to do with application of pre-trial law.

  5. Maybe my AT board member will tell us all when we’ll stop wasting tax $$$$$ on lawsuits?

  6. That school Proposition is hilarious, reads like your all beggars asking for a handout.

    My Texas Props routinely read like: ‘How many Democrats would you like to see, be put in re education work camps this year?’

    Just an incredibly different political mindset.

  7. Rachael, saying you prosecuted does not mean that you ARGUED A CASE IN COURT. The are other participants in the prosecution that do not go to court and argue in front of judge and jury. Demetri is not known in the court room circles. That is one of the reasons he scored low. They do not know him from that arena. Do not swallow the Kool Aid because you consider someone a friend.
    The county deserves and has right to the best experience. We get too many in office due what someone owes someone or becsuse someone is a friend.
    Wilbrandt is NOT my friend but that is who I voted for as the best.
    Have you even spoken to thee other candidates???

  8. Rachael, time to stop the mad man from wasting more tax $$$$ isn’t it?

  9. Unlike Nob, this taxpayer demands the Miller madness to end with corrective measures, whether it be unraveling and challenging his midnight hour unionizing and contract, investigations and prosecution, lawsuits, etc.
    Unions enable laziness and defiance. People with a good work ethic that respect authority do not need to hustle in a union contract mere hours before their “boss” leaves.
    You have it mixed up who wasted our tax $$$$.

  10. ref comment above: “laziness and defiance” should say “THE lazy and defiant” or “those who are lazy and defiant”.

  11. Send $$$$ if you like wasting it trying to break a union in a union state like IL.

  12. Nob is a big hypocrite…..he’s bashing Gasser about buying new equipment, yet didn’t have a problem when the last guy pretty much gave away a brand new sweeper to another town. We know who you are in bed with Nob!

  13. Both people who were waiting to see who she supported were likely grateful to receive the letter. Thanks mom and dad.

  14. Joe S, perhaps you could prove keeping that lemon of a sweeper was better than getting rid of it?
    FOIA the maintenance records, that would help.
    You’ll find it was a lemon that was in the shop almost as many hours at it had been sweeping.
    Get a hold of Island Lake PW who bought it and ask how much cost they’ve had since buying it.
    Don’t just whine, prove it friend.

  15. Joe S, the point would be if Bob was selling to fast, why would Andrew be following Bob’s lead?
    Bob did Misc pay, and wouldn’t ya know it so was Andrew.
    Bob did Patronage, Andrew has also, the people who voted for Gasser are getting ripped off.

  16. Joe S. are you a resident and will you be at the meeting tonight?
    Or are you just a outside whining agitator?

  17. I agree Demitri’s legal ability is unparalleled, that is there is no parallel to finishing with under 50% legal ability in third place in a weak race.

  18. I would go like this, Vote Tirio, and then vote the rest the opposite of her suggestions. She represents the extremes.

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