Woodstock Resident Wants John Jung Off County Board

The following letter was published in the Northwest Herald and is published here with permission of its author Curtis Payne, a resident of Woodstock.

Vote John Jung off County Board

John Jung chairs the Human Resources Committee.

It is time to remove John Jung from the County Board.

He has been on and off the board since 1994.

And because of this, he and his family have benefited by taking the county health insurance and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chairman of the HR Committee and he doesn’t even take the high deductible plan!

As chairman of the HR Committee, he refused to bring forward the patronage hires of Jack Franks when the majority of the committee demanded it be on the agenda!

This is against the very rules and ordinances that he voted for!

Is this what we want on our County Board? Someone bowing down to Jack Franks?

He voted for Jack Franks patronage hires that will cost the taxpayers close to $200,000 with salary and benefits per year!

Time to remove career politician John Jung!


Woodstock Resident Wants John Jung Off County Board — 3 Comments

  1. *yawn* another day, another whiner. Curtis needs to go back to his coloring books with a new box of crayons.

  2. Who doesn’t want Crying Onion Boy Jung off the board. Oh, yeah, that’s right, Jacko Franks doesn’t!

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