Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Controversy Makes Top Story in Chicago Tribune Monday

The fight between newly-elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser and the man he barely beat a little over thirteen months ago, Bob Miller, made a story on the top of the front page of the Chicago Tribune Monday.

The story, by Robert McCoppin, gives a full summary of what has gone on since an anonymous “care package” of past credit card purchases billed to the Algonquin Township Highway Department credit card arrived addressed to Gasser early in his term.
The article is quite long and comprehensive.

It jumps to page 7 whesre is covers 5/8 of the page.
The photo of Bob Miller that was on the front page of the Tribune when McCoppin wrote a story about an end to Miller Road District dynasty appears on the jump page.


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Controversy Makes Top Story in Chicago Tribune Monday — 20 Comments

  1. Bob McCoppin was the beat reporter from the Daily Herald that reported on myself for 8 yrs. when I was a trustee in Village Glendale Hts. Very fair, detail oriented and balanced reporter. I’m sure he did a good hob on this story.

  2. According to our sunshine blog media experts, the Chicago Tribune is part of the dying evil media empire seeking to bring communism through the back kitchen door in collaboration with the deep state, international terrorists and other agents of the new world order. Therefore, being reported in the Chicago Tribune…not a big deal…tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeooowww…

  3. New Jersey has only 1344 units of goverment, yet pay hire property taxes than IL.
    NY has fewer units of gov than IL yet has the highest total tax in the nation.
    There is no correlation between how many unitd of gov and how much we pay in taxes.

  4. (NY does NOT have the highest tax in the nation.)
    ILLINOIS has highest property tax burden in nation.

    14.89% of median household income paid in State and Local taxes.

    38% higher than average U.S. household tax burden as a percentage of household income.

  5. It would benefit all Illinois taxpayers if State legislators would agree on statutory guidance:

    Does a lame duck official have the authority to negotiate contracts binding future budget obligations upon the new elected officer?

    Does any official who must present a budget to another official body for approval have the authority to negotiate contracts with binding future (unapproved) budget obligations?

  6. @Susan

    Great idea but it will never fly in Illinois. Too much of an impediment to public corruption. How dare you challenged these gods? 😉

  7. Andy is the best commissioner we have ever had. Personally and professionally, he is a man of solid integrity. Those who are aware of the land mines and time bombs that Miller left for the new commissioner are thankful every day that Miller Time is over.

  8. Nob, are you a Township Officials of Ill. PR person?

    Or just one of Bobby’s minions?

  9. The judge gave Hanlon leave to file another amended complaint, so he didn’t dismiss the case with prejudice.

    The saga goes on.

    The Road District might be abolished before this thing is settled.

  10. A tax payer in AT who doesn’t want to pay more in property taxes.
    A tax payer who knows that changes in any gov takes careful consideration, not just emotional whining.
    Meeting tonight, will you be there or are you just a outside agitator?

  11. That News made the Chicago Tribune. How fun it will be when it hits New York and Washington DC National News? With a Federal Case broadcasted here in McHenry Co. & all of you, who are in with Miller? Eating crow with known accomplice money ties and acquaintance knowing. Should have stopped him years ago. Are you ketchup or horseradish sauce peoplease with your crow?

  12. We home school and read about this in the Chicago Tribune. After spending two hours reading the articles and comments we discussed how important local politics and civics is.

    How could one approve women’s clothing and trips for grandchildren on the taxpayer? What government purpose does that provide?

    I can only say you are very lucky to have someone like Mr. Gasser. So many local units of government are corrupt and have these kinds of problems.

  13. One year later how much evidence does one need ?
    Does LAWYER Jim Kelly for algtwsp still have Millers daughter working for him ?
    Joke on!!

  14. Dear Nob,
    The word you are searching for is “higher” not “hire”.
    And keep quoting on about 4 states have higher taxes and fewer forms of government. Most of the rest have stats that would dispute that argument.

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