College of Lake County/Harper College Professor Norman Minarik Calls Congressman Randy Hultgren a “Republican Ratfuck”

Comment by College of Lake County/Harper College Professor Norman Minarik.

If you want to see how low some area junior college professors have sunk, one need look no farther than one Norman Minarik.

The screen shot of comments on Congressman Randy Hultgren’s Facebook page under the announcement of his upcoming Veterans’ event.

Harper College acknowledges that MinarikĀ “is an adjunct faculty teaching in the spring semester,” Laura Brown, VP of Marketing and Commuications wrote.

Harper had no comment on his Facebook comment.

On the bottom of her email appears,

We are ambassadors, matchmakers, bridge builders, and translators.

We bring the wider world into our institutions, and we bring our institutions out into the wider world.

The College of Lake County, Lake County’s junior college did not provide parallel information, although it was requested.

Nevertheless, the CLC web side shows Minarik as a faculty member.

The professor was asked via email for a comment, but did not respond.


College of Lake County/Harper College Professor Norman Minarik Calls Congressman Randy Hultgren a “Republican Ratfuck” — 18 Comments

  1. Again, I must agree with my sunshine blogger. If you want to see how low some area presidents have sunk, one need look no farther than one tronald chump. “President tronald chump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House…” Tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  2. They are not Junior colleges but community colleges. He is not a professor but an adjunct- which is a part time instructor. And you entertain just as disparaging comments on this blog.

  3. Two things 1) we have become a nation of name calling. The Right is not indemnified. 2)Why is John Best doing wearing a Uniform while make political commentary?

  4. Community organizers are good at one thing: POLARIZATION

    You are starting to see the results of eight straight years of POLARIZATION. This is only the beginning.

  5. Interesting how Barack was labelled a professor but now I guess he really wasn’t.

  6. classic whataboutism on Inish’s part

    “this blog has dirty language from the commenters so….”

    Yeah, he’s a professor, and he’s a complete moron.

  7. You can educate fool, but Liberal institutions can teach a person, without a conscience of ethics.

    Without the fear of God?

    That (atheist) person is a trained for the perpetration of evil.

    He or she is highly degraded WITHOUT, an ethical belief system.

    God’said His Truth will always supercede any lie of man’s ideology in Modern Philosophy.

    Professor claiming this kind of thinking? No moral boundaries or absolute’s? ( My truth is equal to yours)

    No, this is the Biggest of lies. God’s inherent truth, is lasting and forever.

  8. Cal, in the interest of keeping ARL entertained, would it be possible for you to get a pot-bellied pig as a pet? That way, Angel could add “oink-oink” to his signature line.

    I’m pretty sure the county chairman would be able to fix you up.

  9. LTRRESIDENT: Maybe Cal could name the pig “Jack”. Or “Angel”.

  10. Minarik added another epithet to “Republican ratfuck” and “bible beating yahoo” (which I guess is any Christian who believes Scripture to be true). He added “Nazi cow psychobitch.” Sounds a bit unhinged to me.

    No wonder kids are emerging from government schools intemperate, inarticulate, uncivil, inconsiderate, conservative-haters.

    Minarik’s got his First Amendment rights, and students have a right not to be taught by such a person.

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