Comparing Early Voting in McHenry County 2014 vs 2018 — 8 Comments

  1. Granted early voting isn’t over, but Democrats have tripled their numbers just about. Republicans’ numbers have been cut in half.

    Looks like a recipe for some big L’s.

  2. We’re coming for your Randy Hultgren and Bruce Rauner.

    Walz and Biss 2018.

  3. You all sold your souls when you backed Trump & Moore. Anyone that chooses Party over common decency deserves to see their party burn. I have never pulled a Democratic ballot in 20 years of voting. The GOP has turned and the stink inside is appalling. You have sold out the party and the youth are not buying. For the Boomers who are reading this: enjoy the spoils while you can – you and your generation have done a horrific disservice to this country and to your children and children’s children. Independence.

  4. CCAPOA Clarence is the best example of, when you fail to realize the worst f’up of previous generations, is your generation.

  5. With a democrat crook as Clerk and Jack Franks filling the county up with Chicago relocatees, are you surprised?!

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