Leftists Use “Racist” Slur for Second Election in a Row

Mimicking tactics used by national Democrats, local Leftists are hurling the “racist” epithet at conservative Republicans running for County office.

See evidence from the allies of Jack Franks by clicking on the article below:

Group Trying to Defeat McHenry County’s Only Black Elected Official Calls His Supporters “Racists”

Scott Vetter and his wife, Karen Black-Vetter.

The problem with the branding is that two of the slurred candidates are married to women of a different race.

District 155 School Board candidate Scott Vetter was the recipient of the charge.

Look at the photo of Vetter and his wife.

The attack by Leftists seems to have worked.

Vetter lost the election and he is not running for re-election as a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

This election, it is McHenry County Board candidate Orville Brettman who is being attacked as being a racist.

Again, the fact that he is married to a woman of another race seems irrelevant to the Leftist mudlingers.

She is “a legal immigrant from the Philippines,” as Brettman puts it.

See “FBI or Northwest Herald …… One Or the Other Is Wrong.”


Leftists Use “Racist” Slur for Second Election in a Row — 4 Comments

  1. Hillary. Funny!

    The part of the tape where some of the Indian audience started pelting her with rola-colas (a kind of Indian candy)was after the segment featured.

  2. Race and Sexual Orientation Identity for everybody except heterosexuals and Whites.


    I guess we’re headed to actual hostilities.

    Good. All of these cultural issues will be resolved.

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