Dems Target Polling Place Changes — 11 Comments

  1. Good thing she has sent multiple mailers (which people on this blog complained about), there have been articles in the local paper, radio ads, social media posts about this, and early voting’s been going on for over a month. Sounds like some real voter suppression!

  2. My opinions as an election judge who started under Cathy

    The impetus for polling consolidation came from several public locations not wanting to be election sites, a need to reduce costs, and the fact that the State of Illinois is requiring new election equipment which may need to be in place as soon as this Fall, although that could change.

    The thought is that fewer, larger locations will greatly reduce the amount of new equipment that needs to be purchased, the number of election judges that need to be involved (right now it’s around 1200-1300 people in addition to the standard Clerks staff) and moving out of schools eliminates the need to pay off-duty policemen for security.

    Several polling locations were moved into senior living locations which are not only more ADA compliant, but now many elderly people who had to arrange for transportation to vote no longer have to do so.

    There are many Clerk activities and actions that can be reasonably argued about and disagreed with, but to claim that consolidation is about voter suppression is ridiculous

  3. She could send multiple mailers without pasting her name so prominently and putting her picture on it. Costs more for the tax payer.

  4. Sunshine blogger, would you mind changing the subject away from local elections? I’m afraid some progressive spy may mention the most recent republican congressional district that flipped last night despite tronald dump desperate attempt to stop it from happening. I’m getting extremely nervous with the roaring noise of the blue wave approaching us. Wait a minute! What’s that whisper again? Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. I wonder if the Dems are trying to bait the Republicans into rallying ’round the Clerk……That’s NOT going to happen.

  6. why is it so hard for Democrats to vote? Worries of disenfranchisement, moving of polling places etc it seems that the Democrats need all kinds of help to vote, makes me wonder about their thought process and choices

  7. And of course they have their mailer in Spanish. If the Dems don’t like this they ought to reem out Franks. He’s the one that she said ‘worked closely with her to make decissions on these changes. And this allowed her to have about $2M in free county wide mailers at 5 per person plus all those Newspaper, Magazine and Radio ads touting her name using our tax dollars.

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