Illinois Ballots Cast as of March 14th — 8 Comments

  1. Time to face facts.
    People are being taxed out of their homes and they’ve had enough,
    hence the voter apathy.
    Of course this is why more residents are fleeing Illinois with each passing year.
    When 50% of Illinois residents say they want to leave the state
    you have reached the tipping point, or perhaps the point of no return would be
    a better analogy.
    In Huntley, for example, over 400 homes were sold just last year.
    This is a trend that speaks volumes as to what people think of the fiscal
    health of the state and what they are doing to free themselves from the
    tax Hell hole this state has become, and there is no end in sight.

  2. Can you hear the whisper? Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi. Progressives will need to fix this train wreck compassionate conservatives and tronald chump will leave behind. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meeeoooowwwww…

  3. Funny thing is if you look at the demographics of states losing population in 2022 Illinois will probably lose another 2 Representatives and will be down the 16. The other areas of picking up delegates will be in heavily Republican states or states that will turn Republican such as Wisconsin. So they will automatically pick up seats just by population change and be more solid in the Senate seats from 2022-2032. Blue states are going to die a death they can’t understand right now because nobody is going to be willing to pay for their pension pit falls! That is why unions are going to die! tic tock

  4. VOTE DEMETRI for Judge. He’s refusing the Gold Plated Judicial Pension!

  5. The Dems have contested races for Governor, Congress, and Attorney General.

    That has to be the reason for the increase in ballot requests in this county, anyways.

    Most of the time, a good percentage of the races on the Dem primary ballots around here are uncontested or even unfilled

    I can’t believe the Dems would get really worked up over the referenda on the ballot.

  6. Democrats are going to be out in droves to vote against the proposition to reduce school district property taxes by at least 10%. If you don’t vote Yes to at a bare minimum, this one thing, then we’ll get the typical “see, the voters told us that we’re not taking enough”. Get out for 10 minutes and vote people!

  7. I think we have a super low turnout election with a Republicans pulling Democratic Ballots to vote for Attorney General, and pick Rauner’s opponent. I think they are trying to dump the billionaire.

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