McHenry County Salaries – Bo-Bu

Salaries of McHenry County government employees father down in the B’s:

Boyd,Patricia A. Lead Court/Courtroom Spec $58,147.08
Boyk III,George F. Correctional Officer – Union $94,909.80
Bozer,Steven K Court Security Ofcr – Union $41,226.40
Bozer,Tammy A Office Assistant II $18,470.40
Bradshaw,Curt A Deputy Coroner/Investigator $67,569.60
Braune,Terry R Compliance & Operations Mgr $70,033.86
Brazas,Rebecca J Design Engineer $69,048.60
Brener,Connie L Recording Spec III $50,529.72
Brichetto,Michael J Deputy Chief of Court Security $78,193.92
Briscoe,Barbara J. Recording Spec II $41,991.96
Brock,Benjamin T Detective – Union $101,799.40
Brooks,Tarrance L Corrections LT $124,224.08
Browning,Michael R Correctional Officer – Union $68,540.88
Bruce,Christopher C Correctional Officer – Union $71,119.00
Bruens,Gail L Records/Civil Process Spvr $66,029.18
Bruett,Kyle R Attorney, Assistant $80,546.26
Bruketta,Jeremy J. Deputy – Union $101,349.40
Brummel,Jennifer A Correctional Officer – Union $68,493.80
Bucci,Bethany C Registry – CNA $5,105.10
Buker,Laura L Radio Dispchr – Union $79,121.28
Bunch,Joan E Facilities Coordinator $62,881.80
Buracker,William E Court Security Ofcr – Union $58,877.96
Burgess,Timothy F Court Security Ofcr – Union $64,112.40
Burke,Amy L. Procurement Specialist I $47,501.70
Burke,Dawn R Correctional Officer – Union $108,612.00
Burke,Thomas Correctional Officer – Union $115,143.12


McHenry County Salaries – Bo-Bu — 9 Comments

  1. Listed pay includes benefits,as in insurance and maybe uniforms. No way those salaries are cash payments over 26 pay periods of 80 hrs each

  2. It may include overtime and holiday pay if taken but definitely not insurance.

  3. It most certainly does include insurance. View the whole report: [a href=”″]HERE[/a]

  4. Then it is incorrect as senior Correctional officers make almost $100k with holiday pay and minimum mandatory overtime.

  5. It does include insurance our w2 states We make 20-25k less than what is stated here.

  6. That is correct.

    Thedse figures include total compensation.

    Health issuance is a costly item.

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