Opposition to East Dundee Home Rule Referendum

Here’s what Taxpayers United of America just sent out about the East Dundee Home Rule referendum:

Local Taxpayer Takes a Stand Against Home Rule

George Bowers, a East Dundee local is taking a stand against Home Rule, the most insidious form of government in the USA.

On the March 20 Ballot, taxpayers will have an opportunity to vote for a referendum to repeal Home Rule. Under Home Rule, the East Dundee government has issued $33,000,000 in bonds without referendum.

With a population of 3,182 the local municipality has burdened its citizens with $10,370 of debt per person.

Home Rule allows a municipality to raise taxes without a referendum. Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills and Woodstock have done just that using Home Rule powers.

Rightly frustrated, Mr. Bowers has made home made signs opposing Home Rule in East Dundee.

Meanwhile, taxpayers led by Julie Fox and State Representative Allen Skillicorn are distributing anti-Home Rule flyers to homeowners and business in East Dundee.


Opposition to East Dundee Home Rule Referendum — 3 Comments

  1. Hope they’re smarter in East Dundee than they were in Woodstock!

  2. What Woodstock did with that special census was a travesty.

    They wanted to lock in home rule that way, because they knew that a referendum would be difficult to pass.

    If Woodstock’s population follows the same trajectory as the rest of this state, they will probably fall below 25k in the next real census.

    Unfortunately, now that they have home rule, they will have to pass a referendum to get rid of it.

  3. “Get off my lawn, you damn kids,” he crowed while clutching his morning coffee standing next to his homemade sign.

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