Orv Brettman Sends Out 4th Broadcast Email

Valley Hi Surplus Still A Contentious Issue

Orville Brettman is running for the McHenry County Board in the 6th District because he doesn’t trust its current representatives – Michelle Aavang and Larry Smith.

In 2015, the County Board cut $3 million from the tax levy.

The funds were targeted for Valley Hi Nursing Home. But, Valley Hi has more than $40 million in the bank.

McHenry County Board candidate Orville Brettman.

It didn’t need the money.

It also didn’t need the money in 2016 and 2017.

That didn’t stop the Board from charging taxpayers anyhow.

When Finance Committee Chairman Mike Skala said, “If we don’t take the full amount, we lost it forever,” most taxpayers found those words reprehensible.

But, it sounded like music to Aavang’s and Smith’s ears

They signed up and cast their votes to keep County’s hands deeper in taxpayers’ pockets.

In 2017, the County Board raised taxes on McHenry County taxpayers by $6 million.

Valley Hi Nursing Home

Some on the Board made an effort to cut that increase in half by once again taking advantage of the surplus funds Valley Hi has in the bank.

But, Aavang and Smith hadn’t forgotten Skala’s words; they voted with 13 other Board Members to take money from taxpayers even though the County doesn’t need it.

Brettman doesn’t think elected officials should need an election to find fiscal conservatism.

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  1. Do not think for one minute that skala will ever think about the taxpayers first. Why should he care he is a millionaire.

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