Environmental Defenders Upcoming Restoration Workday

March 18th at Sterne’s Fen

Spend some time outdoors and help make a great park even better.

Volunteer at Sterne’s Woods & Fen on Sunday, March 18th from 9-11AM to clear invasive species beside the main trail.

Defenders at the 2010 fair.

Invasive understory brush crowds out native species like oak saplings, shading them to death before they have chance to mature.

Even the tallest oaks in Sterne’s Woods are losing their lower limbs to competition with invasives.

Buckthorn and honeysuckle bushes will be cut giving the native understory plants and oaks a chance to grow.

Environmental Defenders  meet monthly at the Sterne’s outdoor pavilion, 5617 Hillside Dr.

Volunteers will have a chance to learn about restoration ecology and what makes Sterne’s special.  Bring a water bottle and a pair of work gloves.  The park district will supply the tools

Email Brice Alt, volunteer site steward, to receive updates: bricemaieralt@hotmail.com

By volunteering at a Sterne’s workday you’re helping with the ecologic restoration of an exceedingly rare type of habitat.

To learn more about restoration ecology, here’s a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNwQ6cRMTKI

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